Japan Food Culture Co.,Ltd

Connecting the world with"WA",the spirit of Japan

Japan is renowned around the world for the quality of its products and services.
With increasing numbers of visitors to Japan,
our mission is to help promote japanese food culture,
which is continuing to envolve in its own unique way,even overseas.

Providing a platform for Japanese food culture to the global marketplace

Japan Food Culture aims to lead the way in conveying japan's traditional gastro-culture and "omotenashi" spirit to the global marketplace by forming a network of overseas restaurant outlets and helping restaurants develop their business overseas.
Our global restaurant business is centred on acquition.
We are amassing first-hand experience in restaurant ownership and franchising,and building an international information network.
This acquired knowledge is put to good use in our platform business.
Our platform business is centered on developing a gastro-platform-a platform whereby anyone who so desires can expand their business overseas.
To this end,we are creating opportunities for young people to expand their horizons beyond japan.
With this gastro-platform ,we can not only offer solutions for overseas expansion but also contribute to society
by creating peripheral businesses and connecting producers with urban consumers.


No matter which country you are targeting,there are certain local procedures and professional services that will always be necessary.
For example,you will have to establish a company,open a bank account,and obtain a visa.
The services that you will require include accounting ,legal,human resources,and location development services etc.

Overseas consulting packages

Drawing on our expertise in overseas consulting packages,we can connect you to the local experts whose services you will require.
By constructing business packages for overseas expansion that are based on actual contracts,we can build packages that are more robust and easy to deploy.

Platform services

We help you to complete the export procedures for your original food products and your designated equipment,tableware,uniforms,fixtures,etc.
We can also help you procure items from local suppliers.