5 Famous Japanese Sake Brands

​​​​​​​Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink that is made from rice, malted rice called koji and water. Some said that its origin is in the Joumon Era of Japan 15 thousands years ago. Although it is a kind of fermented liquor like a wine or a beer, its alcohol percentage is relatively high because of an unique process during the fermentation process called parallel multiple fermentation.  

 Sake is beloved by all the generations in Japan. Today, we are going to see the most famous and popular Japanese Sake brands.


It is produced with a concept that is “Everyone will find the taste is truly delicious sake” in Iwakuni City in Yamaguchi, Japan. The creators are confident in its quality that is recommendable not only to sake experts, but also people who are not accustomed to drink it.


It is said that Kokuryuu is the pioneer of a type of top quality of Sake called daiginjou that is brewed from rice grains milled to 50% or less of their weight. It is produced in Fukui and has a clear and delicate fruity taste. Its original manufacturing method is similar to the fermentation process of wine.


It is made in Niigata which is famous for its the rice production. Its flavor is as gorgeous as a pear or a melon. It has a balance of sour and sweetness. Also it taste so clear that it matches many dishes.


Juuyonndai is said to be the “phantom sake”. It is made at Takagi-Shuzou in Tominami, Murayama City in Yamagata. It is always ranked in popular Sake rankings. Its taste is very delicate and fruity and it delicious at any temperature.

It is often sold at a premium price because of its rarity.  


It is famous especially among foreign people because it is enjoyed by the British Royal Family.

It is made in Yamagata and its taste is dry enough not to interrupt the taste of each dish. It has a classic and well balanced fruity flavor rich is pear.  


This time the 5 most famous Sake that are picked up among numerous Sake brands. You should taste them at least once in your life as an experience.     

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