5 Most Recommendable Japanese Food Chain For Tourists in Japan.

Japan is a very popular touristy country. In 2017, the number of tourist reached 28.69 million, and the amount of their expenditure was about 38 billion. In other words, Japan is a big tourist market.

One of the biggest attractions toward tourists who come to Japan is its food. Japanese food and its culture attracts many people so much, that some tourists come to Japan simply to eat Japanese cuisine. Here you are going to find out some popular Japanese food chain/ franchise stores.



 Hamakatsu is a very famous Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) chain restaurant that has stores in other Asian countries. Tonkatsu is a one of the most popular food for foreigner tourists. They also like Hamakatsu’s style which allows them to enjoy “Japanese mannerisms” during their meal.  



Nakau attracts many tourists with kyouhuu dashi Udon. It is Kyoto style Japanese noodle that is sold at cheap prices. People can enjoy noodles and the other dishes with refreshing taste of a Japanese style broth there. Most of its stores are easily accessible, and in urban areas. This is the one of the reasons why people support Nakau.

Okonomiyaki Dohtonbori


Dohtonbori is also a Japanese food chain restaurant group that is found throughout Japan. Its main menu item is Okonomiyaki, which is one of the most popular Japanese dishes that foreigner tourists enjoy.

There you can enjoy not only enjoy authentic and tasty Kansai style Okonomiyaki but also other variety of dishes. Dohtonbori style is that you can cook on your own on iron grills. These characteristics attract many tourists from abroad.



Even though Ramen’s origin is in China, but now the Ramen culture is from Japan, and many people think of it it as a Japanese cuisine. Ichiran is a famous Ramen chain store in Japan. It is famous for its system that lets customers make orders without having conversations with staff, and tables are completely independent, so you can eat alone.

It has stores not only in Fukuoka, but also in Osaka and Tokyo, so many tourist love Ichiran.



Conveyor belt sushi is loved by foreign tourists in  Japan. Sushiro is a famous sushi chain because of the quality of it’s foods and service. They are so popular that at most locations people have to wait to enter during lunchtime and dinnertime. There are many other conveyor belt sushi chain stores, such as Kurazushi, and Hamazushi. Most of these stores also have many foreigner customers.

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