7 Principal Types of Udon Noodles

Udon is a type of flour based Japanese noodle, that is also a name of a Japanese dish. It is an essential part of the Japanese cuisine that has variety of toppings and soup. Here we are going to see some principal types of Udon.

Tempura Udon

Tempura is a Japanese food that consists of deep fried seafood or vegetables. And using tempura as a topping of udon is a typical way to have an udon dish. Usually people have shrimp and some vegetables as the tempura and they dip it into the soup of udon.

Nabeyaki Udon

Nabe means a clay cooking pot in Japanese. This type of udon is cooked with egg, chicken, mushroom and the other vegetables. Its soup has various types that are based on soy sauce or miso. Sometimes the soup is similar to sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is also a traditional Japanese popular cuisine.

Frequently it is served in a beautifully designed clay pot.

Cold Udon

It is very popular especially when it is on summer and it has various kinds. For example, the most simple style just dip cold udon called Zaru Udon. There is also a style called “bukkake” that is cold udon served with a small amount of cold soup, and grated yam. Grated Japanese radish and lemon are also popular. This “bukkake” style is sometimes served with tempura.

Udon with seaweed

The Japanese people eat seaweeds a lot and people also love to put it into udon. Their texture and a harmony of soup stock of seaweed, and the soup are the most significant characteristics of this style of udon.

Udon with egg, meat or deep fried tofu

Japanese people name udon dishes in unique way. For example, when they use deep-fried tofu as a topping, they call it as “Kitsune-Udon”. Kitsune means fox in Japanese. In Japan, foxes are treated as a god of business and it is said that these foxes loved to eat this deep-fried tofu. Because of this, udon with deep-fried tofu is called in this way. The deep fried-tofu is cooked with sugar and its taste is mild.

Also, when they use egg as a topping they call it as “Tsukimi-Udon”. Tsukimi means to look the moon in japanese. They call it that because the egg on the soup looks like the moon.

It is very typical to put pork or beef on a udon because it becomes a dish with a big amount and its taste and also fills you up.


Yaki means to bake in Japanese and this type of udon doesn’t have soup. Its origin is that people used udon alternatively when they could not get thin Chinese noodles during World War 2 at Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka.

It is usually cooked with cabbage and pork and a yakisoba sauce.


Udon has a lot of ways to cook and eat. People even enjoy the time to think about which type of udon they are going to eat.

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