4 Franchise Chain Restaurants From Aichi

Today, we are going to see the franchise chain restaurants from Aichi prefecture that has an unique and original food culture.


Aka-kara is a Nabe restaurant chain that uses Nagoya-Miso and spices from Nagoya City in Aichi. Akakara is famous for deep-fired chicken, baked chicken neck and its system that customers can choose the level of spice of the Nabe dish that sometimes it is reported by the media.

The Nabe dishes that are used blende Nagoya-Miso and red pepper. They are so addictive that Aka-kara has many regular customers.

It has more than 200 stores all over Japan and has large popularity especially among young people. You can be the owner of a store of it because it is a franchise business restaurant.

Official site: http://www.akakara.jp/

Komeda coffee

Nagoya city has a its own food culture related with coffee shops. It is said that this Komeda coffee is the very origin of the coffee shop culture in Nagoya. Komeda has not only coffee but also some foods that add to its popularity. Especially, “Shiro-Noir” an original sandwich that is very popular and known to a lot of Japanese people. “Shiro-noir” has many variations depending on the seasons or promotions.

Komeda coffee shops have distinguish exterior finish of walls using bricks so that people can find them easily.

It is also a franchise coffee store so people can be an owner of a shop of it.

Official site: http://www.komeda.co.jp/


Konparu is a coffee shop that helped start the coffee shop culture in Nagoya in 1947. Now that it has 9 stores in Nagoya City.

Its original blended coffee is very popular, and its taste has not changed since the start. Also, it has more than 25 types of sandwiches and they all are popular. Especially, “fried shrimp sandwich” is the most popular one.

Konparu is known as an old and traditional coffee store that has created and developed the coffee shop culture in Nagoya.

Official site: http://www.konparu.co.jp/index.html


Whenever you walk around Nagoya City, you will see SUGAKIYA. It is a ramen chain restaurant that is from Nagoya.

Even though its prices are cheap, its tastes made of soup stock of  pork bones that have been the same as the old days. SUGAKIYA is very popular and it known to have a huge fanbase.


 Those franchise chain restaurants each have strong characteristics. Some of them are pioneers of the coffee shop culture in Nagoya.

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