What is “B-Grade Gourmet”?

“B-Grade Gourmet” has been gathering attention due to an event called the “B1 Grand Prix” However, what exactly is “B-Rank Gourmet”? Here you will learn what it is, and the most popular B Grade Gourmet.

1. What is “B-Grade Gourmet”?

“B-Grade Gourmet” means dishes that are made of regularly found foods, and it is not expensive. They are not junk foods, but simply are daily foods that are cheap and tasty.

For example, ramen and okonomiyaki are also B Grade Gourmets.

2. Yakisoba

Among popular B-Grade Gourmet dishes, Yakisoba is one of the most popular.

For example, Nitta-yakisoba from Oita and Yokote-yakisoba from Iwate are very popular.

However, Fujinomiya-yakisoba has the biggest popularity because of its addictive

chewy texture. It won the first prize twice at the “B1 Grand Prix”. In Fujinomiya

City, more than 150 stores serve Fujinomiya-yakisoba. In other words, people really love this dish in Fujinomiya City.

3. Hamburger

We cannot forget local hamburgers when we talk about B-Grade Gourmet. Among them is the Saseho-burger, a big hamburger that is served with original mayonnaise from Nagasaki, and the Genkai-burger, a hamburger that is made with fresh seafood from Fukuoka are very famous. Also in Kumamoto, they have a hamburger that is uses Akaushi* 1 that is very popular. Local hamburgers are popular because people use local foods in it.

4. Deep fried chicken

In Japan, deep fried chicken is very popular B-Grade Gourmet from children to adults. “Sangi” from Hokkaido, “Naratsu karaage” from Oita are especially popular. All the

places of Japan have a characteristic deep fried chicken that have various tastes and

cooking styles.

5. Gyoza

“Gyoza” is also a popular “B-Grade Gourmet”. Utsunomiya gyoza from Tochigi,

and Hamamatsu gyoza are very popular. Hamamatsu gyoza from Shizuoka is poular becausse you eat it with bean sprouts. Gyoza is eaten not only as side dish but also with alcohol so that is beloved by all generations, from little children to elderly people in Japan.


B-Grade Gourmet is a reasonably priced daily food, not using expensive ingredients. It has many popular dishes like hamburger, yakisoba, deep fried chicken and gyoza. People can enjoy them casually, and they cann also enjoy localized versions at tourist areas.

* 1 a name of a type of Japanese beef that is from Kumamoto.

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