Top 3 Bakery Franchises in the Philippines Worth Investing In

Filipinos love rice but that doesn’t mean that pastry has no place in the country. In fact, bakeries are everywhere and if you are looking for a good franchise business, a bakery franchise is an excellent choice.


Goldilocks is a name that has been associated with baked goods and cakes for years! It is one of the leading franchises in the Philippines for those who want to invest in a profitable bakery franchise. The bakery franchise is the recipient of the Superbrand Seal of Recognition. It has been recognized as a hall of famer in the Philippine baking industry for more than four decades now.

When you franchise Goldilocks, you have two options to choose from - bakeshop only or full store. The investment required for each type of franchise will vary accordingly. But the demand for Goldilocks products continue to rise, so there is massive potential in your investment.

On TripAdvisor, the positive review for Goldilocks is impressive. One user cited, “choosing a cake or pastry you like…Goldilocks is the place to go.”

Red Ribbon

Next to Goldilocks, this bakery franchise is also one of the top franchises in the Philippines. This company started out as a small bakery in 1979 and quickly became a baking sensation, thanks to its delicious cakes. Today, there are over 200 Red Ribbon stores nationwide and they are still open for franchising for those who are interested.

The offerings from Red Ribbon seem to generate overall positive reviews from its customers. One TripAdvisor user JNFII has this to say: “It’s amazing. They have tons of good things to suit any [palate].”

Julie’s Bakeshop

Julie’s Bakeshop is a household name in today’s Philippine baking industry, which is a great achievement for the brainchild of Julia Ganionco. The brand is a perfect example of how ideas can turn into concrete work and develop into one of the biggest franchises in the country. Some of their product offerings include cakes, crisp breads, and other heavenly desserts.

What is the view of the public about this franchise? One Yelp reviewer, Julio Agustine G. has this to say: “You can always go to it for something sweet of good quality without worrying too much about the money…”

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