3 Burger Franchises in the Philippines to Invest In

Burgers are popular because they are delicious and can be eaten on-the-go. In fact, you can go to any popular fast food restaurant like Jollibee or McDonald’s, and you’ll see people chomping down on burgers with relish. This explains why burger franchises are a hit in the Philippines. If you are planning to embark on this type of business, these are the top burger franchises to consider in the country.

Minute Burger

Minute Burger is one of the most recognizable names in the burger franchise industry in the Philippines. This is a multi-store franchise; thus, franchisees can own at least three stores when they make an investment. The total estimated investment for Minute Burger is PHP 600,000, which covers only one store. The initial partnership will cover the first store within the first two months. The next two stores will be covered over the course of the next six months. The initial franchise term is four years. The Minute Burger franchise has been around since 2003.

At TripAdvisor, one user named Ed referred to Minute Burger as follows: “They have a great buy-one-take-one-burger menu, very inexpensive, very consistent.”

Angel’s Burger

This is one of the fastest rising burger franchises in the Philippines. Like Minute Burger, this franchise gained popularity because of its cheap burger offerings. The business became available in 2014 and different franchise outlets have opened up in various parts of the Philippines since then.

User tazwisdom reviewed Angel’s Burger on TripAdvisor saying, “I was pleasantly surprised at the taste, especially considering the very low price.”

Burger King

Not inexpensive, but definitely a name that is synonymous with quality burgers, Burger King is a great investment option. If you are looking to open your own burger franchise in the Philippines, make it Burger King. This burger chain is best known for its popular Whopper burgers. The refined taste and quality of the patty are other reasons for its popularity.

At Yelp, one user reviews: “The burger is super duper good and excellent service, too.”

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