What Coffee Shop to Franchise in the Philippines for Great ROI

Coffee is loved by thousands of Filipinos. That is why it makes sense to choose a coffee shop if you want to try your hand at franchising. In the Philippines, here are some of the best coffee shop franchise businesses to choose from.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

As a subsidiary of Starbucks, it is the next best thing to franchise since the parent company is not a franchise business. Its target market is people who can afford to spend more on coffee and other drink offers, such as the working class. Drinks are sold at more affordable prices, however.

Many of its clientele visit the coffee shop for its meals.

Pauoie shared on Zomato, “This is what I love in this cafe, the breakfast all day! We had our lunch here and ordered the following.”

Laurence Balderrama, however, loved the place for its relaxing vibe. “Great place to sit back and relax...enjoy your favorite coffee! Not too crowded and music was toned down! You can review here or just bring your pocketbook and read!”

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CB&TL)

With a presence in 22 countries, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is one of the more successful franchise businesses in the Philippines. It started in 1963 in Southern California. The company operates on the principle of seed to cup, and founder Herb Hyman has a direct relationship with coffee growers. Their first store in the Philippines opened in 2003.

What do people have to say about the coffee franchise?

“I am a tea person, and just this year I was able to appreciate it more when I learned about their process in really producing their teas for cbtl!” – Jam Blauta

“Very nice ambiance and so with the crew. The coffee was nice, always hands up at the cbtl.” - Richelle Dayrit

Figaro Coffee

Many prefer to franchise Figaro Coffee because it rivals some of the big brands in the industry. The prices are quite steep for some, however. But those who can afford them praise the café for its wide selection of hot and cold drinks and some meals to go with them.

As what Jehhan D. shared on Zomato, “This is my go-to place whenever I'm craving for salad and sandwich at the same time.”

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