4 of the Best Donut Franchises in the Philippines

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you might be interested in starting your own donut business. Consider these top donut franchises in the Philippines when you’re making your investment.

Mister Donut

Mister Donut was and still is one of the top donut franchises in the Philippines. Their affordable range of donuts meant that more Filipinos could afford them. It is a popular ‘pasalubong’ or snack, which can fit even a student’s budget. There are also a variety of flavors to choose from in their donuts. The franchise cost for Mister Donut is one of the cheapest on this list. This makes it a good option for those starting out in the franchise business.

Mister Donut continues to endear itself to the heart of its customers. One user at Zomato cites, “Will always keep coming back here”.

Dunkin Donut

This donut franchise is probably the closest rival to Mister Donut. These two donut franchises are known for offering affordable donuts that do not disappoint in quality and taste. The company was founded in the United States, but it quickly became a sensation when it arrived in the Philippines. Despite the stiff competition, it remains one of the top donut franchises in the country.

Go Nuts Donuts

Go Nuts Donuts started out as a humble donut shop that quickly established its own niche in the market. According to the owners, their donuts are known to be 25% less sweet than those of Krispy Kreme. At the same time, their donuts are bigger than Dunkin Donuts’. Even though this franchise started out in the Philippines, they are slowly but surely expanding to an international market, too.

At Zomato, user Mark Lacuna says this of Go Nuts Donuts: “[Their] donut is very delicious and also very affordable….I highly recommend [Go Nuts Donuts]!”

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is a name that has become synonymous with donuts. It is one of the top donut franchises for those wanting to start a franchising business in the Philippines. It has dominated the donut industry despite the advent of many competitors, thanks to its iconic original glazed donuts. It remains one of their top-selling donuts to date.

One user on TripAdvisor refers to Krispy Kreme as their “favorite coffee break spot”. They went on to add, “Their service is fantastic and they are always very friendly.”

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