4 Profitable Drugstore Franchises in the Philippines

A pharmacy or drugstore business is one of the most profitable business ideas you can pursue. Medicine, like food, is one of the staple needs for humans. You can capitalize on this by franchising some of the most profitable drugstore franchises in the Philippines.

The Generics Pharmacy

The Generics Pharmacy is one of the top drugstore franchises in the Philippines, as well as in the field of generic drugs. The franchise started out in 2001 and quickly expanded in only a few years. The access to low cost medicine and the relatively cheap franchising fee are part of the reason for its growth.

It is recognized as the next biggest drugstore in the country, with Mercury Drugstore the only one to outperform it. This franchise has revolutionized the pharmacy industry by making cheap medicines more accessible to more Filipinos.

The Generika Drugstore

The Generika Drugstore started out as a small pharmacy in 2008. But with perseverance and strategic decisions, it quickly progressed to become one of the top drugstore franchises in the Philippines. The original owners of the franchise lacked a medical background, but they decided to hire key players in the pharmaceutical industry. This helped to propel the brand forward to become the pharmaceutical giant that it is now. The Generika Drugstore currently has more than 350 branches in the Philippines.

Gamot Publiko

Since the Cheaper Medicines Act was put into law, more and more generic pharmacy franchises emerged. One of them is Gamot Publiko. This drugstore franchise is one of the fastest rising franchises in this field in the Philippines. With its great branding, cheap medicines, and great franchisee support, it is becoming one of the biggest drugstore franchises in the country.

For only PhP 600,000, you can start your own Gamot Publiko franchise anywhere in the Philippines.

Farmacia ni Dok

This drugstore franchise became a household name because of the celebrity endorsements of the brand. This drugstore franchise is also one of those that are dedicated to providing consumers with cheap medicines. This is part of the franchise’s success, which is evidenced by its more than 150 branches nationwide.

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