5 Best Foreign-Brand Franchise Businesses in the Philippines

The Philippines is considered the franchise hub in Asia. It isn’t a surprise then to see various foreigner-brand franchise businesses in the country. If you are thinking of starting one, here are some of the best options.


The famous Starbucks started out in Seattle, USA. Before they were a coffee shop, they sold coffee beans and coffee roasting equipment. Now, they are a premium chain of coffee shops serving espressos and other delectable coffee drinks around the world, including the Philippines. Their brand is instantly recognizable, which makes them a great franchise choice.


If you’re thinking of going down the convenience store franchise route, 7-Eleven will always come up in the discussion. This company is a Japanese-owned American brand. Its headquarters is in Tokyo and 7-Eleven stores can now be found in 17 countries. Yes, they’re in the Philippines too.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Coming from Massachusetts, USA, this coffee and baked goods chain now has over 12,000 branches spread across 30+ countries. Filipinos love a good donut and that’s why this franchise brand is a hit in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


Jollibee rules in the Philippines but McDonald’s is a close second in the country’s fast-food industry. This is another American franchise company hailing from California. Thousands of Filipinos love their burgers, fries, and chicken - a fact that you can definitely capitalize on.

Dairy Queen

Most Filipinos adore sweet treats. Cold sweets are especially popular due to the tropical clime. No wonder Dairy Queen, a company that started in Illinois, USA, is loved by many there. Their soft-serve ice cream is definitely a hit for the young and old alike.

Franchising a great business idea because you’ll not have to start your own brand from scratch. Instead, you’ll be starting a venture that is already recognizable almost everywhere. With that said, the above foreign franchise brands are enjoyed by many Filipinos and are excellent franchise options in the Philippines.

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