4 Famous Dishes in Matsumoto

Matsumoto is a prefectural government city in Nagano prefecture. It is also a city that has an abundance of tourist spots, like Matsumoto castle. Matsumoto City also has many local dishes, and today we are going to see them.

Soba (buckwheats noodle)

It is the most famous food in Matsumoto and some say that Matsumoto is all about soba. There are so many soba restaurants in Matsumoto City that it is known as a city that you can enjoy many high quality soba. Not only the noodle but also a ball that made of buckwheat called “sobagaki” is a local food from Matsumoto. A dish consisting of soy sauce, soba soup and this “sobagaki” instead  of rice cakes called “sobagaki shiruko” is also a popular local dish from Matsumoto.


Koikoku is one of an appetizer menu from Matsumoto. It is a soup that is made of carp fish cooked with miso. It is a great dish that lets us enjoy the taste of carp fish. It is a popular dish, so many restaurants in Matsumoto city serve this dish.


It is a traditional local udon noodle dish with a soup consisting of spices, dried bonito, miso and a juice of grated radish squeezed with a cloth.

Usually people use a radish called “Nezumi daikon” that has a sweet taste for this dish. (Nezumi means a mouse and daikon means radish in Japanese).

It makes your body warm, so people in Matsumoto normally eat this dish during the very cold winters in Matsumoto. There is an udon restaurant that serves this famous local dish.


Oyaki is a local fast food from Nagano consisting of pickled vegetables, sweet soybeans and  dried strips of radish and then wrapped and baked with a dough made of flour. People enjoy it as a snack because they can eat it without tables, you can eat it even when you are walking. Because of that, it is popular among tourists visiting there.


In Matsumoto City, these foods above are very famous. These foods have become one of tourist points of Matsumoto City because they are well known all over Japan.

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