4 Famous Foods in Nagasaki

Today we are going to see 4 famous foods in Nagasaki, a place that has many special dishes.


We cannot miss Champon when we speak of Nagasaki. The word “Champon” means a thing that mixed many things. A Champon is consisting of cabbage, sprout,carrot, pork squirt, shrimp and noodle.

Champon is originally based on Fujian cuisine, a province of China.It is said that Chen Hei Jun, an owner of a Chinese restaurant, called Shikairou, invented this dish in order to serve a cheap dish that had abounding nutrition.

Now it is become a famous cuisine from Nagasaki.


Sara-Udon is also a dish from Nagasaki that is as famous as Champon. It consists of fried noodles and a starchy sauce including many pieces of vegetables. People eat it in their homes, not only in restaurants.

Usually this dish is served for many people, not only for one person, but to share. Also, it is dressed with a Japanese sauce called “Usutaa”.


Speaking of a sweet of Nagasaki, people love Castella. It is as popular as Champon and Sara-Udon. It is a pastry made of egg, flour, and sugar baked and in the shape of a square. It has a puffy texture. It is a very popular among many people regardless of age.

Some people even cook French toast with castella and call it “cass dose”

Sasebo Burger

It is a generic name of homemade hamburgers in Sasebo City, Nagasaki. It is very popular among tourists in Nagasaki. Each stores has their own way to cook it, as well as original ingredients and sauces.


These foods are quite famous all over Japan. All of these items help promote tourism to Nagasaki. There are many more local foods like Goshima-Udon and Kaizouni from Nagasaki as well.

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