4 Famous Foods in Sapporo

Sapporo is a city in Hokkaido Prefecture that is located the northernmost part of Japan. We are going to see the foods from Sapporo which has a unique food culture.

Soup Curry

Soup Curry is a Japanese dish consisting of curry-flavored soup with meats and colorful vegetables. Some people say that Sapporo is the center of soup curry because there are many soup curry restaurants in there. It started becoming famous in 2000.

Miso ramen

Miso ramen is a famous dish from Sapporo. Some people always eat it whenever they go to Sapporo.

It consisting of thick noodles, a miso-based soup, corn, seafood and potato. All those ingredients are produced in Hokkaido so that people can enjoy the atmosphere of the place by eating it.

Hama Champon

Even though Champon is a traditional cuisine that has origin in Nagasaki prefecture, Hama champon is a local food from Sapporo. It uses seaweeds and other seafoods from Hokkaido so that it has a huge popularity from tourists.


Zangi means deep fried chicken in Hokkaido. Although it is from Kushiro, a city in Hokkaido, there are many zangi restaurants in Sapporo, so it has a lot of fans. The biggest characteristic is that it has very strong taste because it is flavored with powder that has a strong taste as well.


Foods are quite famous not only among the people from Hokkaido, but also the tourists. Sapporo is the very entrance of Hokkaido and the biggest city there and also has many foods and dishes that entertain people.