4 famous franchise restaurants from Kyoto

Kyoto is a representative city of Japan so that there are so many high grade and traditional Japanese restaurants. However, it is a place that is the origin of so many franchise chain Ramen, pastry and Chinese restaurants. This time we are going to see those restaurants from Kyoto.


It is a famous chain ramen restaurant.  It has branches all over Japan. It name comes from the 1st of October Memorial Day called Tenichi. Customers can choose their soup from thick to thin types. The thick type soup is the most famous, it is known to be so thick that it is nicknames a potage type soup.

Official site: https://www.tenkaippin.co.jp/

Gyouza no Osho

It is a Chinese chain restaurant held by Oushou Food Services, whose main office is located in Yamashina District in Kyoto City. It already has many overseas stores. It is known to all people in Japan. It has an open kitchen style which is very rare for large chain restaurants.  It is famous for Gyoza, and the gyoza is all made on site in the kitchen so you can enjoy fresh high quality gyoza whenever you eat there.

Official site: https://www.ohsho.co.jp/

Karahuneya coffee

It is an old coffee shop that has 6 branches in Kyoto and has been open since 1962. It is famous for its original parfait that has more than 150 kinds of variations. People can choose its taste from the menu, like fruits, chocolate, vegetable, caramel, Japanese, milk tea, coffee, and strawberry and so on.

The jumbo parfait for 20 people is overwhelming and recommended even though you always have to make a reservation. It is quite famous so that it is said that there are no one who doesn’t know it in Kyoto.

Official site: http://karafuneya.jp/


Katsukura is a famous Tonkatsu restaurant at Sanjou-Meitengai Street in Sanjou, Kyoto. Even though its entrance is small and humble, the inside is very large and has a gorgeous atmosphere.

Katsukura’s Tonkatsu are fried with vegetable oil and bread crumbs that are baked in a kiln to make the batter crispy. Also the thick and juicy pork meat is one of the reasons of the huge popularity. Its original sauce and dressing are also popular.

Kastukura has stores mainly in Kansai area. Especially, it has a store in Kansai International Airport so that many more foreigners can enjoy it.

Official site: http://www.katsukura.jp/


Although they don’t push Kyoto style strongly, all those franchise chain restaurants are very popular and famous.

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