4 Famous Okinawan Foods

Okinawa is one of prefectures of Japan that locates the most southern part of Japan and isolated from the mainland of Japan. So that, a unique food culture has been created in there because they use unique ingredients that grow in a warm climate of Okinawa.

Because of the uniqueness, Okinawan food culture has become tourist destination.

This time we are going to see some typical Okinawan foods.


Champuru means to cook in Okinawan language. Champuru is consisting of some vegetables, egg and meat. It is the most famous and typical cuisine not only in Okinawa, but also in the mainland as well. However, the ingredients used in the mainland are different from the Okinawan ones.


Rafute is an Okinawan dish used pork rib that stewed in soy sauce, brown sugar and Awamori Okinawan sake.

It has unique smell that is different from pork rib dish in the mainland.


Tebichi is a pork leg dish that stewed in soy sauce and Awamori as well. It doesn’t have a strong smell so that everyone can enjoy the taste. It is used for a topping of Okinawan noodle.


Mimiga is pig’s ears dish. They eat them with miso and peanuts paste usually. It is famous for a food that has huge amount of collagen among people who are interested in a good health.


In Okinawan food culture, people use pork a lot. They use many parts of pork in unique cooking style. Also they use Awamori to cook with.

There are so many cuisines in Okinawa besides the ones above like Soki-Soba, Jeamammy-tofu etc.

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