5 Famous Cuisines from Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a prefectural government city in Ishikawa. It is a touristy city that has old and historical area, Kenroku park and Kanazawa Castle. Today we are going to see 5 famous cuisines from Kanazawa.


Jibu-in is known as a local food of Kanazawa. It is a dish consisting of chicken covered with flour, wheat gluten and vegetable. It has sweet and spicy taste, and the texture of its soup is thick. People usually eat the dish with wasabi. And the biggest characteristic is the wheat gluten, called “fu” in Japanese. Especially the fu in this dish is called “sudare-fu” that has line patterns on its surface and it looks very classy.


It is also a local cuisine that is especially eaten in winter. It is consisting of salted turnip and yellowtail cooked with malted rice. It is one of homemade foods of Kanazawa and at the same time also a luxury food.


This dish is known as a famous food from Kanazawa, even though “Oranda” means Netherlands in Japanese. It is baked eel and vegetables, like eggplants, cooked with a sweet soup and sauce. It is usually eaten in summer.

Sea bream cooked the Chinese way.

People in Kanazawa eat this on celebratory days. It is a dish consisting of a whole sea bream and unohana. It is a big dish so that has an impact when it comes on tables.

Kaga vegetable

Kaga is the former name of Kanazawa 200 years ago. And people call the vegetable produced in Kanazawa as Kaga vegetable. It is local vegetable known all over Japan just like Kyoto vegetables. Kanazawa has many local foods that use the Kaga vegetables. And it has become a tourist resource of Kanazawa now.


In Kanazawa, these dishes above are famous and some of them are eaten for celebrations because they are considered to be luxury ones. And also many of them use Kaga vegetables.

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