4 Famous Foods from Nagoya

This time, we are going to see the most typical and well-known foods in Nagoya that has an unique food culture roots. Nagoya food culture including coffee shop culture and foods that use Miso, it is called “ Nagoya-Meshi” (meshi means “food” in Japanese).

Now that this has become one of the touristy resources of Nagoya.


Tenmusu is a rice ball filled with a shrimp tempura. It is a common Nagoya food. It is smaller than ordinal rice ball and the rice has absorbed a lot of sauce for tempura. It is very popular as a souvenir.

Ogura toast

Ogura toast that is a toast with sweet bean paste is served in coffee shops in Nagoya. Sometimes it is with whipped cream and butter. It shows these coffee shops’ characteristics. Because of that, some tourists visit some coffee shops to taste it.


Tebasaki is a crispy Japanese fried chicken wings. Its is juicy and crispy. People enjoy it as a side dish when they drink beer. “Huuraibou” and “Sekai no Yamachan” are the most popular and famous restaurants that serve Tebasaki.


When you visit Nagoya, you cannot miss eating Hitsumabushi. Hitsusmabushi is a name of a dish that contains baked eel on the surface of rice. You need to take some steps to eat it. First, you eat it as it is. Secondly, you eat it with some spices. Lastly, you pour Japanese green tea into the dish and eat it. In Nagoya, there are many traditional and old Hitsumabushi restaurants.


These foods are quite famous in the whole of Japan. Except for Tenmusu, they are typical food in almost all the places in Japan. Hitsumabushi and Ogura-Toast are varied depending on stores so that they have many visitors.

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