5 Famous Foods from Hakata

Hakata is a city in Fukuoka prefecture that is located in the southern part of Japan. It is also known as one of the biggest cities in Japan. We are going to see 5 foods from Hakata city today.

Udon with burdock tempura

Hakata style Udon noodle dish is different from the other ways like Kansai style or Kagawa style; the noodle is not elastic at all and people eat it with soup that contains seaweed stock.

For the burdock tempura, they use chopped burdock and then fry it. And then people dip it into the soup. It is a very typical dish in Hakata.

Ramen with Tonkotsu soup (pork bone based soup)

Tonkotsu ramen is a famous dish from Hakata. Because of that, some say that Hakata is all about Tonkotsu ramen. People can get it anywhere in Japan, at street shops, ramen stores and even in convenience stores.

It is a ramen with a white colored soup made with pork bone, red ginger and pickled takana (a Japanese vegetable). People tend to prefer harder noodle when they eat it in this style.


Mizudaki is a typical Nabe cuisine from Hakata. It is so common to cook in all of  Japan, so it is more of a general Japanese cuisine than Hakata food. People eat it in their houses as a daily food instead of expensive restaurants.

It is cooked simply with boiled water, vegetable and meats. Also pepper-yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) sauce and ponzu are added for flavor.

It is popular among not only the Japanese but also the foreign tourists because it is very good for their health.


Motsu means offal or intestines in Japanese. People cook it with vegetables as a one-pot dish called Nabe cuisine. It is as popular as Mizutaki. It is a typical to finish it with Champon noodles, and people prefer to eat it while drinking alcoholic drinks.

Around Fukuoka City, there are many restaurants that specialize in Motsu-Nabe. However you can enjoy it even in small bars as well.


Yakitori in Fukuoka is very unique; they eat it with cabbage dressed with fresh sauces and pork meat. It is so common to eat this type of yakitori in Fukuoka. This culture has rooted in not only specialized restaurants but also in small bars.


Hakata is known as a city of merchants and the entrance of the Kyushu area. So it is always crowded with working people. These foods are quite famous and common all around Japan even though it has strong flavors.

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