Learn tips on pre-open training to make your franchise business a success.

You cannot get management techniques simply because you made a franchise contract. Before the opening, you will learn how to manage a store with training from the franchise headquarters. Its contents are composed of many parts, for example, “improvement in knowledge of productions and services”, “service and management techniques”, and “management of workers”. Some types of training are not only lecture-style, but also practical training programs so that you can learn how a real store is run. Franchise groups must keep its quality at the same levels in every single store. So you need to learn the techniques and theories so that you can serve at the same quality after training.

* Contents of training may change depending on each headquarters.

1-1  Each headquarters has their own training.

Each headquarter has their own training.

〈Training Period〉

Each headquarters will have different training periods. They can be from several weeks to several months, it depends on the degree of difficulty, or what kind of things that the owners have to learn. Generally, food industry franchise groups tend to have long training periods. It is because your cooking skills, and service technique directly affect the value of your store.

〈Training Content〉

・Lecture Style Training

You will learn knowledge about management and ideas of the company  

・Practical Training

You will have practical experience through joining a real store. Some headquarters have you do training in your pre-opening store.

・Sales Training

At some headquarters that require the owner to do sales activities, you will learn how to do sales activity and improve your skills so that you can get continuously receiving orders  

・Learn at Training Facilities

Some large franchise headquarters may have their own training facilities. Many franchisees gather at all once and have intensive training.

・Costs of Training

You should check about the costs of training before you sign contracts because it is also depends on headquarters. Sometimes it is included in accession consumptions, but sometimes it doesn’t.

1-2. What is the meaning of pre-opening training?

What exactly is the meaning of pre-opening training? There are 2 principal reasons.

【To learn techniques from the company’s headquarters】

Franchise headquarters have many tips and techniques to solve many problems and to make their store management successful. The main purpose of training is to teach those technics and tips. They teach knowledge that makes even an unskilled person able to manage a store, this is the biggest benefit of franchise system. We can assume that the more the training is productive, the more techniques and information they provide.

【To maintain the quality of brand】

Franchisee will do business by using the name of the company, therefore one store’s failure can destroy the company’s credibility hurting all stores. The headquarters need to teach their knowledge to improve franchisees’ skill to keep its quality at the same level. Pre-opening training is very important for not only you, but the headquarters as well.  

2. Resume

Here we have explained pre-opening training. It is very important to learn the knowledge and techniques that the headquarters provide. Learning them during the training term will make your business successful. If you have any doubts about pre-opening training, you should ask the headquarter. In addition, it is recommendable to ask questions about training franchisees that have already experienced pre-training. After you learned the tips to succeed, you will learn how to prepare your store opening.

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