7 Famous Franchise/Local Restaurants from Fukuoka

Fukuoka is known for a place called the “Tenjin” district, this is the biggest commercial city in the Kyushu area, called Munataka City that has been registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Also Kita-Kyushu City has been developed as an industrial area. Fukuoka also has many foods that have huge popularity among local people. We are going to see 7 famous franchise/local restaurants from Fukuoka.


Ichiran is highly well known to throughout Japan as a ramen restaurant that uses pork bone based soup stock. It is not a franchise restaurant; it uses a direct management system. It is also known as a restaurant that uses a membership system. It also has a “focus on the taste” system and the other order system are developed to make customers enjoy a ramen from the bottom of their hearts.

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Ippudo is a ramen restaurant that also has popularity as big as Ichiran.  

Ippudo is not a franchise restaurant; it makes business partnerships in cooperation with applicants from the original company of the restaurant.

It is taking advantage of its popularity and is expanding its business, not only in Japan but also overseas.

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It is a Yakiniku restaurant started in Hakata District in Fukuoka City in 1963. It’s an addictive way to to eat meats and vegetables flavored with garlic.

It uses a franchise system and it also has stores in Kanto area. People enjoy the simple and old style grilled meats there.

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Genkai-burger Sen

Genkai burger is a hamburger that uses seafood. The restaurant is in Munetaka City, Fukuoka. The burger is well known as a local dish, and it is sold in other cities, like Fukuoka City. (Japan has a prefecture called Fukuoka and a city called Fukuoka as well. The former is one part of the latter. )

The restaurant has various types of fillings for the burger that are focused on freshness. It is popular among not only the young people but also the elderly people.

It is recruiting franchisee shops and it is expected to increase the number of stores.


It is an old udon restaurant that has stores along many national highways so that it is popular for track drivers that use the streets.

It serves udon with a soup that uses seaweed soup stock.


It is a very popular bento restaurant in Fukuoka. The most popular menu is “deep-fried chicken bento” and people make long lines to get it.

The deep fried chicken is cooked with traditional and homemade sauces, which is the trigger of the huge popularity.

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Fukuoka has many foods that have strong characteristics. Many of those chain restaurants use local foods and they will continue to be beloved by local people and increase the numbers of their stores in the future.  


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