5 Franchise/local Restaurants from Miyagi

Miyagi is a prefecture in Japan that is located between the Pacific Ocean and Ouu Mountains. It has huge land and sea areas so people can acquire abounding foods there; like bonito, saury, tuna oyster, vegetables and fruits. People call Miyagi as “kingdom of foods”.

Today, we are going to see franchise/local restaurants from Miyagi.


Marumatsu is an old restaurant that established in 1910. Even though originally it was a soba noodle shop called Marumatsu Soba-ten, now that it is a Japanese style franchise restaurant that has 84 stores in Touhoku (North-East) area. It not only has many side dishes that can pair with alcoholic drinks, but also for breakfast too. It is beloved from children to old people.

Official site: http://www.re-marumatu.co.jp/marumatsu/


Handa-ya is a Teishoku (set meal) restaurant that has 22 stores mainly in Touhoku area. It uses buffet style, which is not common for most Teishoku restaurants. It is popular because people can choose whatever food and amount they want.

Official site: http://www.handaya.jp/


It is a sushi restaurant that has stores in large areas of Japan. Its main store is in Sendai City, but it was originally in Ishinomaki city. It has 2 styles to serve sushi; conveyor belt sushi style and bar counter style. People can enjoy sushi focused on both of rice and fish.

Official site: http://www.sushikan.co.jp/

Aji no gyuutan- Kisuke

It is a gyuutan restaurant that is said to be a pioneer that made gyuutan famous in all of Japan. Gyuutan literally means beef tongue in Japanese and it is a famous local food of Sendai city. It is established in 1975.

People can order take-out, so that they can enjoy it in a store and in their home as well.

Official site: https://kisuke.co.jp/


It is also a gyuutan restaurant established in 1990. It has 20 stores mainly in Sendai City, Kanto area and Kyushu area. Rikyuu serves high quality sliced meats and grills them with charcoal, so it has a high reputation for its taste.

Official site: http://www.gnavi.co.jp/rikyu/


The most typical local food in Sendai is Gyuutan. Because of that there are many restaurants that serve Gyuutan. And many of them have stores not only in Sendai but also outside of Miyagi prefecture, like Kanto area and Kyushu area that make its widely known.

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