Franchising Obligations: What You Need to Know

There are plenty of legal obligations that you need to meet when signing up for a franchise business. This is one of the most challenging parts of making this investment. So, it is important that you must take time to study the legalities and other obligations that are part of owning a franchise if you wish to succeed. The franchise owner and the franchisor both have important roles to play if the arrangement is going to be mutually profitable.

It is important to break down each element of building your own franchise to prepare for what’s ahead, and here are the most crucial ones:


Each franchise must comply with a certain way of reporting income and financial information related to the franchise. The franchise company should provide administrative assistance to the franchise owner. The goal is to maintain the recordkeeping standards of the franchise. This flow of information from the franchisee to the franchisor ensures that the organization will run smoothly.


The financial aspect of running a franchise is one of the most critical obligations that both parties need to comply with. The franchisor imposes specific guidelines on how the financing is arranged for the franchise to operate. For instance, the latter must comply with the franchise licensing fees, marketing fees, facility costs, initial staffing costs, and other operational fees. A royalty fee may or may not be required when owning a franchise, too. The royalty fee will vary depending on the revenue that is generated by a franchise over a given period of time.


Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business. This is important for businesses to generate customers. With a franchise, the franchisor is involved in the marketing of the business. This is also part of the reason why franchising is advantageous for new business owners. You can leverage the marketing expertise and experience of the franchisor to promote your business.

Territory Development

This aspect is important for the success of a franchise, and it is something that both franchisee and franchisor must comply with. It is the franchisor’s role to perform a market and demographic research. The goal is to find an area to set up the business where it gets the most maximum exposure to potential customers.

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