5 Famous Local Foods in Hiroshima

Hiroshima, which locates beside the Seto inland sea, has many local foods and famous dishes in Japan. This time we are going to see 5 of them and their characteristics.


We cannot tell a story about Hiroshima local foods without talking about this. Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki consists of cabbage, pork, Chinese noodle and egg. These ingredients are layering each other and this layering is sandwiched between thin dough. People eat this with sauce and mayonnaise. Sometimes people use seafood as toppings to expand its variations of taste.

Oyster dishes

Hiroshima is a famous for its oysters and they are called as “milk from the sea”. Of course you can eat excellent oysters in many restaurants in Hiroshima. You can enjoy Oysters in various cooking ways; grilling, boiling and frying. Sometimes people cook gratin and even rice with oysters. These dish are the specialties of Hiroshima.


Anago meshi is a famous dish from around Miyashima City which is also famous for the Itsukushima Shrine that is a World Heritage Site in Japan. Anago means salt-water eels and meshi means rice dish in Japanese. So it is literally a dish consisting of rice and eels that are baked with sweet sauce. Usually it is served with a Japanese soup that used soup stock made of the bony parts left after a fresh eel is filleted. Even though it is a quite simple cookery, it is delicious.

It is also sold as bento so you can buy it as a souvenir.

Onomichi ramen

It is a famous ramen from Shimanami Kaidou area which is known for its abounding nature.

This ramen is consists of soup that is made of  pork and chicken stock, noodles, long green onion and Chinese roast pork. Some restaurants use Kujou onion, which is very famous species from Kyoto instead of a usual one.

It is not a rare thing to wait in a line in front of restaurants to eat it.

Dandan noodles without liquid

It has been becoming popular in Hiroshima. This dish is originally from a restaurant called “Kisaku”. Kisaku uses spices called Japanese pepper and soup that has rested for more than one day. It is said that you should mix it more than 30 times before you eat the dish.

In Hiroshima city, there are many restaurants that serve it, and it is known as a local food there.


Hiroshima is known as a city of history in Japan, but it has many great foods as well like the ones above. They are popular not only in Hiroshima but also throughout  Japan.

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