How Long Does It Take to Open a Franchise Restaurant?

Opening a franchise could take a few months up to beyond a year, depending on how expansive and successful the desired chain restaurant is. The best thing a business owner can do to make the process quicker is to do their research and to be prepared for the franchise's requisites.

Starting Up

The first thing a potential candidate should do is to self-assess their finances. They have to make sure that they and their partners have enough to at least pay for the initial investment, and if they have great credit scores. Self-assessing your finances can take about a few weeks to do, but if you want it done quickly, you can hire an accountant.

Seeing that the potential franchisee already has a chain restaurant in mind, the next thing to do is research. Talk to other franchisees and ask them about the business. Setting up a franchise is not an easy task, so it's always best to get help when you can. You can also talk to a franchisor of the chain restaurant and ask them your questions.

Training Period

Once you've signed up to be the owner of a restaurant franchise, some companies require you to take some form of training. This may range from a day-long orientation program to a 12-month long training period. Most of the successful chain restaurants require you to immerse yourself in another franchise's day-to-day tasks.

Construction and Paperwork

After the training period, the things you have to tackle next are your restaurant's construction, your required paperwork and permits, and hiring staff. This may take up to a few months, but you can do them all at the same time if you want it done quickly.

Setting up a franchise is a slow and long journey, and the climb to success is never easy. But being ready for what comes next will help you in the long run.

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