How to Get Good Employees and the Way to Procure Equipment Efficiently.

After you decide on your property and have signed all the contracts, next you need to think about “Human Resources” and the “Procurement of Equipment” that are needed to give service the franchise chain that you accessed.  

It depends on the staffs’ service skills and technics for whether clients come back to your store. You will feel so honored if your customers tell you that they are well satisfied with your service. Still, you will not be able to make most of them satisfied if you don’t have enough equipment to serve them however good staff you have.   

Here you will learn how to do recruitment and procurement of equipment.  


What attracts clients is the staffs’ personalities.

Education for employees is the most important thing for stable management

How to get good employees

Efficient procurement of equipment

2-1.   What equipment will you need before the opening?

2-2 The ways to procure equipment.


What attract clients is the staffs’ personalities.

Generally, clients expect good quality of services and products. The same can be said of franchise stores. What keeps qualities of services and attract clients is the staff. However good the products and services you have, clients won’t come back to your store if your staff is not well skilled. Any store cannot expect stable management without regular clients. Let’s see how to get employees that can make clients satisfied.

Education for employees is the most important thing for a stable management

Well, what is the “well-skilled staff” that attract clients? There will be never be a perfect staff. So you need to search for a person who can do the essentials.

For example, at “Starbucks”, they need staffs that can give first impressions of good smiles. In addition, if you have a staff who can give service that clients did not expect, you will get more regular clients and your store.

On the other hand, it is natural that people won’t be regular clients if staffs don’t provide service properly. It is obvious that the sales will decrease however good products and location you have with this situation.  

There is almost no possibility that you can meet an ideal staff member. That’s why the education for staff is very important. Most franchise headquarters have training programs for staff members, including on-the-job training. You need to support staff growing by making most of this.

How to get good employees

Not all the staff will continue to work with you forever. Also, the growing pace is different from individuals even if you have the best training program in the world. Therefore you need to hire staff that can think on their feet to maintain good quality of service. The most popular way to hire those type staff members is roughly 3 types of recruitment.

Introduction from Acquaintances

Staffs who are hired in this way have the highest possibility that they will work for a longer period with you when the acquaintance understands your situation very well

But you need to choose people carefully by doing interviews.

Registration to the Public Employment Security Office

You need to attract people who are looking for jobs. Also by posting job details such as, salary, work time and holidays, but also attracting by the good points of your company, like corporate policy and human resources developing.  

Make Job Advertisements on the Internet and Newspapers.

It is better to use some pictures that enable people to imagine how working there would be. And if you put job advertisement at the store, it would be easier to hire people who are interested in your store already, and you can expect them to work with enthusiasm.

Efficient Procurement of Equipment

There are several ways to procure equipment. You cannot make light of ways to get equipment because the total amount of startup funding could change based on them. Let’s see how to minimize it.

2-1. What is the equipment that you will need before the opening?  

Some of the equipment that is needed before the opening are specified from the headquarter, for example containers that have the brand logo, chairs or tables that are optimized for certain services. These are the items that are needed to keep uniformity as a franchise, so sometimes it is an obligation for you to purchase from the headquarters. The more the equipment that there is, the more that the franchise headquarter makes its own. Even a single equipment is an important part of franchise package that has a lot of information. However, you can minimize initial costs by purchasing equipment that are not specified from headquarter with cheaper prices.

2-2. The Ways to Procure Equipment.

How to get equipment that are not specified from the headquarter with cheaper price?  


It is recommended to pay in installments by leasing when you buy expensive items like displays. It is because you don’t have to pay a lump, so you will have much more space with financing.

Recycle shop

The stuff that are sold there are “second-hands” but some of them are as good as new ones. So, it worth searching with patience. It is also a good idea to search some stores that are preparing to close. You can buy with cheap prices from them.   

Buying equipment in these ways, you can minimize initial cost and aim for operation of your store with financial leeway.


One of the most important preparations for a store opening is recruitment. To create a store that is loved by customers, it is essential to have staff that can work while enjoying providing service from the bottom of their hearts. For example, if you have an actual store, and by putting job advertisement on your store, and you probably have staff that will love your store.

When you prepare equipment, you can minimize startup funds by using “lease” and “second hand items”.  

We have seen recruitment and procurement of equipment today. We are almost there. Next, you will learn pre-opening training. Let’s aim for you to have maximum service from the first day.


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