How to start a business using the franchises system

{flowchart of starting franchise business}


When you consider starting a franchise business, it is normal that you will have many doubts, such as “What kind of procedures are necessary for starting new business?” or, “How do I compare the each company?” Here, you will learn the entire procedures of starting a business by using the franchise system. The most important things are to make sure that your knowledge about business industries and the headquarters deeper, and to think about your ideal independent business.

1. Your Own Independent Business

A franchise system is a management system that even an inexperienced person can do. First, let's start with knowing the basic structure to deepen your knowledge.

1-1. Obtain Franchise Knowledge

Understand what the franchise system is, and learn its construction and characteristics.

1-2. Know Each Category of the Franchise Industry

To know which category or industry is better for you, you must research. Roughly, franchise categories are divided to 3 types, food industry, retail industry and service industry.

1-3. Know each Franchise Location

Know what kind of franchises are looking for franchisees.

2. Compare Each Franchise Location

After you found what kind of franchises are looking for participants, ask yourself, “with which franchise do you want to work?”

2-1. Think About Your Ideal Independent Business

First, you have to think about what your motivation is to start a new business. It is important to consider what kind of lifestyle you want, and how much income do you want with the new business.

2-2. Compare Points

Second, find franchise that can make your ideal business style a realization.

2-3  Meet the Franchise Manager

Third, after you found a good franchise, go to see the person in charge at the franchise’s headquarters. You will get much more information than what you get on the Internet, and you will be able to solve your questions by asking a person directly. It help you make a good decision.

About the importance of seeing the person in charge, and the questions to ask.

3. Determine the Final Steps

Here is the explanation of the procedure to determine your franchise location.

3-1.  Determine Your Franchise Location

After comparing and deciding on a franchise, the process to make contracts will start. It would be a big decision, so you should talk about this to your family and colleagues.

3-2.  Choose a Property

There are many cases that you have to choose property to be used as a store to open before conclusion of the contract. This choice can have a big effect, so you should think it about it carefully.

3-3.  Make Contracts

To make an official contract, you will follow this procedure; 1st disclosure of contract, 2nd reviewing of the contract 3rd signing of the contract After you finish signing the contract, you will start the preparation for opening.

4. Prepare for the Opening

4-1. Prepare for the Opening

Start opening preparations. Hire workers, and buy furniture. If you are taking over a company store, then all the furniture will be handed over to you at this time.

4-2. Pre-open Training

Most of the franchises have some type of trainings to learn about the company  and management style before the opening.

4-3. Opening.

Congratulations! It is the time to open your store!

Right after the opening, expect to have a lot of customers, also be aware that knowledge of your franchise will pass from mouth to mouth quickly. Give your best effort to your job.