Important Points to Expand your Business with Japanese Food Service Oversea.

​​​​​​​Various Japanese food businesses have already entered the overseas markets. Because Japanese cuisine has been globally recognized as being an Intangible Cultural Heritage, and also because it is healthy. The Japanese food boom is occurring in many countries.

Here you will learn what is important to expand your business, especially overseas. Overseas businesses are different from when you do businesses domestically.

Local needs.

Even in Japan, customers needs could changed depending on local areas. There certainly will be many more difference in needs based on which country, and the various cultural and economic situations. You need to satisfy specific needs considering local economic standards, religion, and the other all the things that you can deem.

For example, an Udon chain, called Marukame-Seimen, has stores in Indonesia. At their stores, they show Halal certification. This Halal certification is to guarantee that products and services meet the requirements of Islamic law. This is because 90 % of the Indonesian population is Muslim. They needed to satisfy the demand of Muslim customers.

This kind of consideration is important when you want to expand your business overseas because it will have a direct affect on sales

Quality that satisfy local Japanese people

You need to satisfy not only native people but also the local Japanese people when you have a Japanese food business abroad. You especially need to understand that many Japanese people use Japanese restaurant when you start the business in an urban area.

A Japanese food chain, called Yayoi-ken, keeps the same quality as stores that are in Japan. It has touch screen ordering system, prepares materials from japan, some of them even have a Japanese language menu. A Japanese restaurant has a role of being a place of relaxation for local Japanese people.

Potential of Japanese cuisine

It is said that the Japanese food boom is occurring abroad because of being registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, and for its healthiness. There are many newly opened Japanese restaurants in New York City. You can also now easily purchase materials for Japanese foods at supermarkets, even if you are in foreign countries.

In other words, Japanese cuisine has great potential. But some people still think that Japanese cuisine is expensive. Some Japanese restaurants cost several thousand US dollars each. You can follow this image but also you can expand it. In both ways you can have some business chances. This choice will certainly be an important point to make when you open a Japanese restaurant abroad.

Add some Japanese food culture elements.

Japanese food culture elements, like the arrangement, or Japanese style hospitality called omotenashi are as important as taste and price when you manage a Japanese restaurant abroad. It is easy to realize that arrangement and visual beauty of Japanese cuisine are highly rated overseas. For example, Bento (lunch box) has high a reputation in some foreign countries.

It is essential to add these elements when you get your Japanese restaurant business and enter an overseas market.


When you advance overseas with a Japanese restaurant, it is required to meet needs that are different from ones in Japan, and to serve satisfying quality for local Japanese people.

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