4 Franchise and Local restaurants from Ishikawa

Ishikawa is a prefecture in Japan that is located beside the Sea of Japan. There are many sushi, ramen and curry chain restaurants here. Many restaurants serve many kinds of  high quality dishes, including famous restaurants and secret hideaway restaurants. Today we are going to see 4 restaurants that are beloved by local people and popular among tourists.

Hachiban ramen

Hachiban ramen is a chain ramen restaurant that has more than 120 stores mainly in Hokuriku area. It has been catching Ishikawan people’s hearts through their stomachs since 1967.

Its popular menu item is vegetable ramen consisting of cooked vegetables, Chinese roast pork, Shungun(a food made from Chinese bamboo shoots that have been fermented and then dried) and “Hachikama” that is a boiled fish paste with a printed 8 on it. (Hachi means 8 in Japanese). It has a soft and sweet taste of vegetables.

Sometimes it also serves limited menu that uses seasonal vegetables. It is as popular as the vegetable ramen.

Official site: http://www.hachiban.co.jp/

Champion Curry

It is a curry specialized restaurant called “Chancare” as a nickname. It was originally a western foods restaurant that started in 1971. Even though Japanese people think that curry is a fast food, it is an old restaurant that has a 50-years-history and protects the traditional taste of it.

Curry with deep fried cutlet consisting of deep colored curry, cutlet and sliced cabbage is the most popular and silver utensils are used when it is served. It is so popular that 70% of its customers order this dish.

It appears in media many times, so that it is well known all over Japan. It also has stores not only in Ishikawa but also in Kyushu area and Hokkaido.

Official site: http://chancurry.com/

Go Go Curry

Go Go Curry is known as a pioneer of Kanazawa curry boom. It is a super famous restaurant that has 70 stores all over Japan and its head office is in Kanazawa City, which is the prefectural government city of Ishikawa.

Its characteristic is deep colored curry and the dishes are served with forks, because it has a lot of toppings. It is famous for “major curry” that has all the toppings of the store.

It is a franchise chain restaurant and it is expected to expand its number of stores.

Official site: http://www.gogocurry.com/


It is a sushi chain restaurant that is known as “the most gorgeous conveyor belt sushi restaurant”. It has a great reputation because of fresh fish that are delivered directly from the Kanazawa port. The system of speedy delivery and cooking is so fast that sometimes fish is served within 30 minutes from being bought at the nearby port. The chefs are professional and they cook sushi one by one carefully.

It is a high quality conveyor belt sushi restaurant that focuses on rice, salt and even vinegars. It overwhelmed the images of it; cheap and casual.

Official site: https://www.maimon-sushi.com/


The franchise and local restaurants are varied from ramen restaurant to sushi and curry restaurant like the above. These restaurants have many stores and are beloved by the local people of Kanazawa that has a unique food culture.

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