6 Popular Japanese Food Restaurants in the Philippines.

In this article you will see Japanese restaurants that have advanced in the Philippino market. The Philippines, which is known as a great tourist country has many Japanophiles. Having many tourists from Japan, the Philippine have a lot of demands for Japanese food restaurants. 


KOMORO BENTO is a Bento*1 shop that was opened in Manila 23 years ago. It is popular for its variety and reasonable prices.   


Popular menu items: makunluchibento (185php), Gyudonbento (152php), Gyozabento (P152php)

Teppan Okochi -by Mangetsu Osaka

Teppan Okochi is known as a luxury restaurant where people can enjoy not only Okonomi-yaki*2 but also teppanyaki and steak. It already has 2 directly-managed stores in Osaka, Japan. We can say that it is a Japanese restaurant to be expected to increase its number of stores in the near future.


Popular menus: Today’s Wagyu*3 stake (3400php)、Unaju*4 (970php)

Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon has stores in USA, Singapore, Taiwan, and in the Philippine. Its self-service system is the same as in Japan, which is very popular in Philippine.  


Popular menus: Kamaage-Udon*5 (95php), Bukkake-Udon*6 with meat and boiled egg (210php)


Yayoi-ken, is a famous Japanese food franchise restaurant managed by Plenus,Inc. That has also advanced into the Philipino market. Its dishes have a genuine Japanese taste. It is popular not only with local people, but also with the Japanese. Its interior decorations are wood style that allows people to feel warm and at home, just as the stores in Japan do. They also have adopted the touchscreen ordering system. We can say that Yayoi-ken is a franchise group that is easy to start up if your aim is at Japanese people or local people who like Japanese cuisine.  


Popular menus: Mackerel cooked in misoni*7 style (525php)  Teriyaki-Hamburg teishoku*8 (475php)  Baked Salmon teishoku (595php)


FUJISOBA that is very famous in Kanto-district, Japan has expanded overseas in Philippine. It is famous for its reasonable prices.


Popular menus: HIYASHI OKURA TORORO SOBA (230php) , KATSUDON (190php)


Even though Gyu-Kaku is known as a casual Yakiniku*9 restaurant in Japan, its stores are luxury stores in the Philippines. You can easily understand it from their locations, for example a store at Bonifacio Global City or Shangri-La Plaza. Gyu-kaku is a very popular luxury restaurant in Philippine. It attracts people with not only meat, but also fresh seafood.


Popular menus: Galbi L (595php), Offal L (295php), Rib eye (895php), Beef tongue L (350php)

*1 Home-packed meal common in Japan

*2 A kind of savory pancake with various ingredients and particular source.  

*3 A name of Japanese beef

*4 A rice bowl with cooked eel

*5 A boiled Udon noodle.

*6 A typical simple Udon noodle in Kagawa district in Japan

*7 A traditional cooking style using miso with fish, meat or vegetable in Japan.

*8 A style of serving dishes at some restaurants in Japan

*9 A general name of a menu of grilled meat, whose origin is Korea.

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