4 Popular Japanese Restaurants in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is one of the most important cities in Asia as a touristy city and a center on business. In Hong Kong, there are so many Japanese people and Japanese food chain restaurant as well.

We cannot deny that Hong Kong has high demand for Japanese cuisine, and huge population that has infinity possibilities to expand your business with Japanese food. We will see 4 Japanese restaurants that are popular in Hong Kong that are expected to prosper.  

Obihiro Hageten

Hageten is a high quality restaurant that serves genuine Japanese cuisines. People can enjoy real tempura in a luxury atmosphere with its interior decoration based on the color black, just as if you were in the best tempura stores in Japan, it is very popular among not only local Japanese people, but also tourists.

Popular menus : Tendon*2 Teishoku*3 ($145) Pork shogayaki*4  Teishoku ($98) Salty grilled wagyu*5 Teishoku ($358)


In Hong Kong, Conveyor belt sushi is very popular so that many chain restaurants serve it. Among them, Genki-zushi is one of the most famous conveyor belt sushi-restaurants. It has stores all over Hong Kong, and its interior furnishings are similar to the ones in Japan. It has variety of types of sushi so that many people can enjoy sushi there.

Popular menus:  Niguiri- Sushi ($9~32) Chawan-mushi*6、fries、desserts  


Otoya, a famous Japanese cuisine restaurant in Japan has stores in Hong Kong as well. It is a tenant of an iconic building called MIDTOWN in Hong Kong, where it has good access so people can enjoy the same taste as in Japan. It is very popular to local Japanese people. It is known for being a very popular and busy restaurant that people wait in long lines for. It has a large menu that is filled with side dishes and desserts for a variety of orders. Customers can also order to change types of rice.

Popular menus : Homemade Hamburger ($115) Salty Mackerel Teishoku ($95) Sirloin cutlet with egg Teishoku ($117) 

Marugame Seimen

Marugame Seimen is one of those Japanese restaurants that have a number of stores in many places in Asia. Its ordering system is the same as in Japan, people who go there can enjoy freshly fried Tempuras and Sanuki*7 style udon*8.  

Marugame Seimen is a reliable franchise chain restaurant because of its scale and sophisticated knowhow.

Popular menus: Kamatama*9-Udon regular size ($38) Chikuwa*10 Tempura ($12)

*1 a name of typical Japanese dish consisting of seafood or vegetables that have been deep fried

*2 a name of Japanese dish consisting of tempura and rice.

*3 Japanese name of menu where multi course meal.

*4 a name of Japanese cuisine consisting of pork or beef and ginger.

*5 any of four Japanese breeds of beef cattle.

*6 a traditional Japanese cuisine that is an egg custard dish

*7 a name of place in Kyushu, Japan.

*8 a typical Japanese noodle made with wheat flour

*9 a style of Udon, using egg.

*10 a Japanese jelly-like food made from fish  

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