Korakuen and a yakiniku chain store form a contract to convert 10 suburban stores to “YAKINIKU LIKE” stores.

On the 26th of this month, ramen chain Korakuen Holdings and Yakiniku Fast Food chain, Dining Innovation (Headquarters Tokyo) announced that they have joined together to develop a new chain called Yakiniku Like.

With over 500 stores spread over Japan, Korakuen is planning to convert 10 of its more suburban stores into the new Yakiniku Life stores within each prefecture by next summer.

Dining Innovation owns a large a yakiniku chain called, Gyu-Kaku founded by Kazuki Nishiyama. Gyu-Kaku is the yakiniku chain that pioneered “smokeless grills” and “single person yakiniku”. In Shinbashi District in Tokyo in August, the average customer spent 1,400 JPY at the new Yakiniku Life store causing it to become extremely popular. In the next 5 years, the company plans to open 300 more Yakiniku Like stores.

Korakuen HD is now focusing on setting up new franchises with competition being the focus. Unprofitable Korakuen stores will be renovated into the new Yakiniku Like stores starting March next year in Chiba Prefecture.

The signing ceremony took place in Tokyo, Korakuen HD’s President, Noboru Iida and Dining Innovation President, Kazuki Nishiyama were there to sign the contract between the two companies.

President Arai from Pepper Foods (Headquarters Tokyo) and its contract with Ikinari Steak were also announced during this time. “By converting nearby Korakuen stores, our customer percentage rose 12% from the previous year. While the ramen store’s customers are going up, we also intend to raise our customer rate.” both companies explained in a joint statement.

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