What is “Kyoudo-Ryouri”?

Kyoudo-Ryouri means local cuisine in Japanese. Almost all places in Japan have their own local cuisines. Here we are going to learn “Kyoudo-Ryouri”.

1. About “Kyoudo-Royuri”

Kyoudo-Ryouri is a local dish that uses a region’s popular ingredients. The way of cooking, and seasonings are also unique to the region, so they vary greatly by region. Generally, one place has a recipe or dish that is handed down by generation at a local restaurants, or by families.  

Even though there are many unknown recipes, “Kyoudo-Ryouri” is popular because it is something that you an only enjoy at that place. as the

Recently people are starting to discover and review a region’s cuisine for its potential. The Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Fishery in Japan has been selecting the top 100 Kyoudo Ryouri since 2007 to share with everyone in Japan. Kyoudo-Ryouri are not just tasty foods, but they also provide economic support by bringing in tourists, so it has a lot of potential to be a trigger of communication between the urban areas and the countryside. This allows places in the countryside to remain active.

2. Senbei-jiru

Senbei-jiru is a local cuisine from Hachinohe-city, Aomori. It won 1st place at the “B-1 Grand Prix”, as the best “B-Grade Gourmet”* 1 in 2012.

Its origin goes back to the Edo era. People created this dish using “rice crackers” made of

wheat and buckwheat, and then put them into a soup when they suffered from famine that couldn’t provide rice.

Nowadays, not only vegetables, but also fish or chicken into the soup so that it provides more nutrition. The rice crackers are called “otsuyu-senbei” that

literally means “soup rice cracker”, they much different from the senbei that we eat as snack, they are made to dissolve in water easily.

3. Yaki-Udon

Yaki-Udon means stir-fried udon noodles that is originally from Kita-Kyushu City, in Fukuoka. It was also selected as being a part of the “100 Kyodo-Ryouri" as well. It was invented as an alternative to yakisoba. After World War 2, people couldn’t prepare Chinese noodles to make yakisoba, so they started to use udon noodles instead.

Yakiudon is very popular among tourist in Ogura City. Ogura City made a “Ogura Yakiudon Map”, so that tourists can enjoy different tastes by visiting various restaurants in Ogura City.


Kyoudo-Ryouri means a local cuisine that is based on regional knowledge of cookery using unique seasonings and ingredients. Sometimes they are used as tourist attractions to make local areas more active. It is recommended for you to experience them if you get the chance.

* 1  a name of foods that are cheap but tasty. They are often used to promote local places.

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