A list of types of Nabe-Ryouri

Nabe-ryouri is a typical Japanese cuisine that is eaten especially in winter. Nabe means cooking pot and ryouri means cuisine. So Nabe-Ryouri is literally a general name of cuisine that is uses a cooking pot. Nabe-Ryouri is consist of soup and some ingredients, including vegetables and meats. Here we are going to see typical Nabe-Ryouri.

Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is one of the most typical type of Nabe-Ryouri. Its name comes from the sound when people put sliced beef/pork (sometimes fish) into the soup. Usually the Japanese eat it with Ponzu*1 or sesame sauce. The best point of Shabu Shabu is to be able to enjoy rare meat or fish.


Sukiyaki is a Japanese typical home made dish that people cook with sweet and spicy soy sauce based soup, beef/chicken, tofu, shirataki*2,  chrysanthemum greens and so on. Generally people mix beaten egg and use it as a sauce so that they can enjoy a  more mild taste of the mixture of heavily seasoned ingredients and egg.

It is very popular to put noodles inside the pot and eat with rest of soup after they finish all the ingredients.


Mizutaki means “cooked with water” in Japanese and literally means that its soup is edible because it is made with kelp water, and people cook it with chicken and vegetables. It is said to be from Hakata, Fukuoka and sometimes people use fish instead of chicken there. They use grated radishes, yuzu-kosyou*3 and ponzu as seasonings.


Yosenabe consists of various types of vegetable, meat, fish, seafood, and mushroom with a soup based on soy sauce or miso. The Japanese adore to put rice into the soup after finishing the other ingredients.


Misonabe’s soup is based on miso. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made of mainly fermenting soybeans. Ishikari-Nabe and Kiritanpo- Nabe are very famous local Miso-Nabe from Hokkaido. There are many vegetables in it and they make great harmony with the soup. People love to eat it especially on cold days in winter.


You may not think oden is a kind of Nabe-ryouri, but actually, it is. Oden is a typical Japanese one pot cuisine consisting with processed fish, boiled egg, Japanese radish and so on. It has various kind depending on local areas so that even there are some people who go on a trip aiming to eat local Oden.

< Summarize >

Nabe is a very popular cuisine in Japan and it has various kinds. This time we saw only typical ones but there are so many other kinds rooted in local areas. Nabe-Ryouri has infinite potential so that we can enjoy it in many ways, you can also finish the dish by putting rice and noodles in at the end. Even recently there are new kinds of Nabe, like Tomato-Nabe and Curry- Nabe etc. We can expect that it is going to have more potential as a staple winter dish.

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