List of types of Ramen.

Ramen is a very famous and popular dish consisting of noodles and soup. It is recommended as not only a main dish but also a meal to call it a night. It is also known as a food that has a strong characteristic depending on is origin place.

Here is a list of types of Ramen in Japan.


Tonkotsu-ramen is a local food from Hakata, Fukuoka. Tonkotsu means “pork bone” and its characteristic is the white soup stock made from boiled pork bones and thin noodles. People usually use green onion, beni-shoga*1 and takana pickles*2 as toppings. Its average price is about 400 yen in Hakata. Most of Tonkotsu-ramen restaurant have a system that the customers can order noodle’s hardness that is popular. People tend to order second helping instead of double size, because of the size of the thin noodle they can enjoy the soup twice.

Shoyu ramen

Shoyu-ramen is the most basic ramen in Japan. People enjoy its clear soup and the mixture of noodles and the soup. Normally they use seaweed, barbecued pork called char siu, green onion, and a boiled egg. But this is depending on restaurants.

Miso ramen

Miso ramen is from Sapporo, Hokkaido, and its characteristic is thick noodle and the soup is made with miso and other various ingredients.

Sometimes people in Hokkaido use crab and potato as its topping, and  this is very popular among tourists. There are many chain restaurants from Sapporo that are selling miso-ramen and have many stores throughout Japan.

Miso-ramen attracts people with its rich tasting soup, especially in winter.

Shio ramen

Shio ramen is from Hakodate, Hokkaido, using salt-based soup. It has a simple and very fresh taste. People use seafood soup stock a lot for it so that they can enjoy the soup until the end.


Yaki-ramen is also from at a ramen stall at Hakata, Fukuoka. But it does exist in other areas like Gifu and Wakayama. Yaki means to grill in Japanese and it is cooked on a heated iron plate with ramen soup.


Hiyashi means cold in Japanese and it is a literally a ramen that is served with cold noodle, soup and ingredients. Sometimes people even put ice on the soup. It has soup amount same as other types of ramen and usually it is shoyu-flavored. It is a famous as a local food from Yamagata.


Ramen is a representing food of B-grade cuisine and has a variety of types of soup, ingredient and quantity. Even more, each ramen restaurant has unique characteristics. To taste these characteristics is one of essential element to enjoy ramen in Japan.

*1 a type of pickle that is made from strips of ginger

*2 a type of pickle that is made from takana made in fukuoka

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