4 Local Franchise Restaurants from Okinawa.

Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture in Japan. Okinawa is so isolated and far away from the mainland of japan that has a unique food culture that is very different and unique. It has its own cookery and ingredients that show Okinawan food culture itself.

This time, we are going to see some franchise restaurants from Okinawa.

Pork Tamago Onigiri

It is a rice ball chain restaurant from Okinawa. Even though it is rice “ball”, it looks like a sandwich made from rice and the filling is ham and baked egg.

Although the business had started in Okinawa, now that it has expanded to the southern part of Japan because it is so popular for those unique and colorful foods.

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It is a very exceptional one to introduce here because it is originally from the U.S. However, it is so popular in Okinawa and we can say that almost everyone knows BLUE SEAL there. In Okinawa, there are many tourists and they also eat the ice creams there.

It is an ice cream shop and its ice cream is so smooth and it has more than 30 flavors. Even though the recipe is based on U.S style, it has adjusted to preferences of Japanese.

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It is a steak restaurant from Okinawa that has 8 stores. Each store has a different atmosphere to entertain people there. It is very famous in Okinawa as a restaurant that people can enjoy the genuine steaks in stylishly designed interior furniture.


People enjoy Okinawan strong sake called “awamori” and Okinawan cuisine there. A Sake factory called “Ryuusen-Shuzou” originally started it so that it has many genuine Awamori.

Not only the adults but also elderly people and children can enjoy the foods there because it serves various foods.

Still it has only 2 stores right now, increasing the number of stores is expected.

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In Okinawa, people enjoy its unique food culture. So that there are many restaurants that serve foods that people can feel the culture. Some of them have been becoming quite famous in the mainland of Japan.

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