3 Franchise and Local Restaurants from Nagasaki

Nagasaki is one of prefectures of Japan that is famous for Christian heritages and known as a place that had been damaged by the atomic bomb. It has some franchise chain restaurants that are well known all over Japan. Also, it has local foods that are well known as foods from Nagasaki among Japanese people, like Champon noodle or Castella.

Today we are going to see 3 franchise and local restaurants from Nagasaki.


It has been 40 years since Syouya opened in Sasebo in Nagasaki. Although it is a famous Japanese restaurant that is known for serving set meals, called Teishoku in Japanese, originally it was an Udon noodle restaurant. It expanded its business into Fukuoka prefecture in 1995. Due to this, it now serves a variety of things from coffee to tempura.

Syouya focuses on ingredients’ tastes. It uses products grown in Japan, including a specific species of rice called Koshihikari, and also the soybeans used to make the tofu that they serve. They care about even their utensils.

The most popular menu of Syouya is fresh Tempura and baked egg that are made inside the stores.

Official site: http://www.sho-ya.co.jp/


Hamakastsu is a pork cutlet chain restaurant that has its main store in Kajiya, located in Nagasaki City. The main store has a luxury appearance that is different from the other stores. It has been a specialized pork cutlet restaurant since 1962, and its menu have been inherited from generation to generation.

It focuses not only on taste and cooking styles, but also on sauces. Sauces that were developed only for the pork cutlets called are called “special” and “spicy special”. Because of those efforts, it has acquired many fans all over Japan.

Official site: https://www.hamakatsu.jp/menu/


Nagasaki Champon is a quite famous local food from Nagasaki, and Ringerhut is very famous for it in Japan. Ringerhut is a franchise chain restaurant so that it has many stores, making it the best way to eat this dish anywhere in Japan; it has more than 650 stores.

It has regular menus items, and seasonal limited menu items in order to have many customers continuously return.  

Ringerhut also uses vegetables and flour produced only in Japan. Also it doesn’t use any food preservatives or artificial colorant.

Official site: https://www.ringerhut.jp/


All of the above are quite famous in Japan and have many stores. Because of that, they are attractive not only to eat at, but also to have a franchisee store.

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