How to Market Your Restaurant Franchise in the Philippines - Online

There are numerous restaurant franchise businesses in the Philippines. There is Jollibee, Rai-Rai Ken, Mang Inasal, and more. To stand out, here are quick tips on how you can attract attention online.

Advertise on Facebook

As of October 28, 2018 - there are approximately 73 million Filipinos using Facebook, so the platform is definitely one of the best avenues to reach your target customers. Start with establishing your Facebook page. Yes, the main franchise branch may already have one but having a page dedicated to your franchise and location is an excellent first step.

Make sure that this page is active by posting all of the relevant and attractive things about your restaurant. Post about the food, the menu, any packages, or promos. Don’t forget to engage with your audience, whether they ask questions or leave reviews. Be professional, proceed with tact, but do not lose that human connection. It is also a good idea to hire a competent social media manager.

If there are huge events or promotions, it can be a good idea to use Facebook’s ads platform and boost those posts for a wider reach.

Have an Instagram Account

People are attracted to images of food and so if you wish to showcase your dishes, Instagram is a great place to do it. There are also tons of Filipinos using this social media. Make sure to post high-quality photos of the food or any customer who agrees to be featured on your account.

Another good idea is to reach out to Instagram influencers. A single promotional post from them can easily tantalize their followers to dine at your restaurant!

Leverage OLX

OLX is mostly known as an online buy-and-sell platform where Filipinos trade new and used goods. So what should a restaurant like yours be posting there? Well, post about any of the promotions you have going on. The platform is especially great for any seasonal promos and can definitely generate more attention for your franchise business.

Have a Website

Want to make sure that you appear professional and serious at providing good service to your customers? Have a website. Here, you can talk about things in more detail since you can publish longer content as opposed to the short and image-heavy ones on social media.

By taking full advantage of all these online marketing ways, you can appeal to your customers and increase the number of diners who go through your doors.

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