6 Most Typical Toppings of Udon Noodles

Udon noodles are one of the most popular and traditional foods in Japan. And people usually put some ingredients on it as toppings. Here we are going to see some the most typical toppings of udon noodle.


Tempura is a Japanese dish consisting of lightly battered, deep fried seafood or vegetables. The harmony of the texture of tempura and the taste of the soup stock of udon is popular among Japanese people.

Among the kinds of tempura, one is called “Kakiage”, and it is a deep-fried a mixture of small shrimps and cut vegetables. Shrimp tempura is also popular.  
The tempura that is used generally depends on the area in Japan. For example, udon with a burdock tempura is very typical in Hakata City, Fukuoka. And also, half-boiled egg tempura and chikuwa tempura are frequently used originally for Sanuki style udon in Kagawa. However now it is very popular among throughout Japan.

Sometimes, people make tempura with local/seasonal vegetables and put them on udon.


Meat is a topping that is very popular especially among young men because it is voluminous. They usually use meat simmered with onion, sugar and salt that makes soup of udon sweet. But the way it is simmered is different depending on the area, like “Kashiwa Udon” in Kyushu area.


Seaweed gives a new texture to an udon dish. Even though people rarely eat seaweed in many other countries, it is strongly loved by Japanese women because it has abundant dietary fiber, and other vitamins and minerals that are good for health.


Japanese people call udon noodle with egg as “Tsukimi-Udon” which means udon with the moon because an egg looks like the moon because of its shape and color.

An egg makes the soup of udon milder.

Deep-fried Tofu.

Deep-fried Tofu is one of the most popular toppings. When they use deep-fried tofu as a topping, it is called “Kitsune-Udon”. Kitsune means fox in Japanese. In Japan, foxes are treated as a god of business and it is said that these foxes loved to eat this deep-fried tofu. Because of this, udon with deep-fried tofu is called in this way. The deep fried-tofu is cooked with sugar and its taste is mild.


Yakumi means spices or seasonings especially used for Japanese noodle dishes. Ginger, chili peppers, and leek are frequently used.


 There are many types of ingredients that are used for toppings of udon noodles. You can use them independently or all together. The yakumi changes udon’s flavor a lot, so that you can enjoy each one separately. Enjoying the taste of udon has become a part of many trips to Japan.