4 Franchise/local Restaurants from Nagano.

Nagano is a prefecture of Japan that is located in a place that has no ocean, called Shinshuu. It has a characteristic that there are many agricultural products because of its vast mountains area. It also has a unique food culture of buckwheat noodles and wild vegetables.

This time, we are going to see some franchise/local restaurants from the Nagano.

Minnnano Tennhou

It is a Chinese restaurant that has 29 stores in Nagano prefecture. It is famous for “deep fried meat” that is a cooked pork with a secret and original sauce and then fried. It is so juicy and will satisfy your hunger. It also serves shoyu ramen and the deep fried meat is used as a topping of the dish. You can enjoy it only at this restaurant.

Also, Tennhou is famous for Gyoza. Its gyoua is blended with selected vegetables and pork it is very addictive. Tennhou is beloved by all people in Nagano.

Official site: http://Tennhou.jp


Applegrimm is a diner that has its stores not only in Nagano but also in Niigata prefecture and Toyama prefecture as well. Its popular menus are hamburger steak that contains juicy filet mignon.

It has a varied meat menu; the steaks and hamburgers are cooked by the chefs one by one. And sauces that served with these dishes are also original, in other words, you can enjoy these original flavors only in applegrimm.

It is also popular because you can eat rice as much as you want.

Official site: http://appleivy.co.jp/applegrimm/


It is a restaurant that is specialized for pork dishes opened in 2009. It also has expanded some restaurants as part of a group chain; like”Kokuta-no-Sanpo” or “Butasan- shokudo”.

It is so famous that we can firmly say that there is no one who don’t know about this restaurant. It is famous for ramen that has lots of bean sprouts. It has a great visual impact because of the mountain of the bean sprouts. Its taste and quality are created because the pork that is used is hand selected. It also sells Hors d'oeuvre dishes.

Official site: http://buta3.jp/


We cannot miss buckwheat noodles when we talk about the foods in Nagano. Ogiso-Seihunjo is a restaurant that is specialized in buckwheat noodles that has 8 stores in Nagano. We can enjoy the buckwheat noodle, called soba in Japanese, made in Shinshu area with reasonable prices. The genuine soba tastes great because of its classic buckwheat flavor. Even though it serves high quality dishes, the stores have casual atmospheres that everyone can come in.

Official site: http://www.ogiso-Seifunjo.com/


In Nagano, there are stores that serves its local foods like the above. Some family restaurants have a all-you-can-eat system that we can enjoy rice as much as we want. These restaurants have menus that can satisfy our hunger.

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