7 Popular Japanese Food Franchise Chain Stores in the United States of America

Being registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO and its healthiness has caused

Japanese food to boom in the USA, especially among women who are on diets.

In this article, Japanese food chain restaurants that are in US market will be introduced for the people who want to open Japanese restaurant in US.

Yogi’s Teriyaki and Grill

Yogi’s is a franchise chain restaurant that serves Asian cuisine centered upon Japanese

food. It opened in California in 1995, and now it has 9 stores in California, including one in Los Angeles. It has been a franchise chain since 2005, and it has been growing with the healthy food boom.

Popular menus: Beef Bowl ($7.29) California roll ($5.79)

Teppanyaki restaurant Benihana

Benibana is a teppanyaki restaurant, this is an iron-grilled food restaurant, whose former name

was “Benihana of Tokyo”. It was started in Manhattan in 1964 by Rocky Aoki. It has 100 stores

centered in urban areas, so that it is well-known in the US

Popular menus: Teppanyaki, special lunch set

IPPUDO East Village

One of the most popular Japanese food in the US and Europe is Ramen. IPPUDO has been

a famous and favored Hakata style ramen. It started in opening stores in New York City in 2008.

Popular menus: Shiro-maru (US$14), Aka-maru (US$15), karaka-men (US$16)、Syoyu-

ramen (US$13)


Even though Japanese people have an image toward Otoya of it being a casual franchise

Restaurant, however it has advanced into the US market as a high-end franchise restaurant. It is not known as a stereotypical and common Japanese restaurant that serves like sushi bar or ramen. It is known as a place to enjoy genuine Japanese food, shops and being able to enjoy genuine Japanese food. It is loved by gourmet loving New Yorkers

Popular menus: Chicken and vegetable with black vinegar and thick sauce teishoku

(US$21)、Soba noodle with grated yam paste (US$17)

Ikinari Steak

Ikinari steak is a popular restaurant that has increased its number of stores from one to five

within mere 1 year since it started business in US in 2017. Unlike in Japan, the stores in US

are with tables and people sit down while they are eating.

Popular menus: rib eye steak( US$2.55/oz), Sirloin (US $2.27), Tenderloin (US $3.12/oz)

Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon is also a popular Japanese cuisine chain. Having a store in Hawaii, it is a

It has become a hot topic lately on social networking. It is favored not only in the US, but also in Malaysia and Russia.

Popular menus: kamaage (US$4.5), kake (US$4.5), Beef Udon (US$6.5)


Yoshinoya is a famous gyudon (beef bowl) chain restaurant in Japan that has also

advanced into the US market. It has an established corporation called “Yoshinoya America”

that opens chain stores in the US. Its stores have much more variety of menus than ones in

Japan do, for example it has menus for vegetarians.

Popular menus : Beef Bowl (US$5.19), Teriyaki Chicken Bowl (US$4.49)