6 Popular Japanese Restaurants in Singapore.

Singapore is a city-state in South East Asia that has been developing as a sightseeing spot and a business center. Even though it is small on scale, it has prospered as a transportation hub, with its main industry being the trade business. It is now a country that has a high importance when it comes to economy, finance and trade. It cannot be ignored when doing business in Asia.  Let’s see 6 popular Japanese restaurants in this country.

Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish

In Singapore, grilled fish is very rare. It is so unique that it is very popular that people can enjoy fish that is carefully grilled. It is a usual thing to see people wait in line for more than 1 hour at lunch time because of its popularity and its system is of cooking on order.

Popular menus: Scorpionfish in kasuzuke*1 style ($11.5) Salty grilled saury set ($8.5)  Salty grilled mackerel set ($8.5)

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru

Ikeikemaru is well known and popular among Japanese people. They serve not only sushi, but also set menus.

Popular menus: raw whelk ($22)、Ikeikemaru Suruga set ($17.9)


It is also a famous Sushi restaurant in Singapore. It is neither luxury or casual, but a middle-class style restaurant. The customers enjoy sushi that the chefs made carefully one by one. It also has variety of menu items, especially at lunch time.

Popular menus: Tuna lunch set ($60) chef’s recommended lunch ($180) 


Fuku is the only Fugu*2 restaurant in Singapore. It attracts people with genuine fugu dishes.

Popular menus: Tecchiri*3 ($80) course ($150)


Botan serves negitoro-don*4 in Singapore. Negitoro-don is so popular that it is called a “phantom dish”.

Popular menus: Sashimi*5-Teishoku ($28), seafood-don ($22)


Yayoi-ken, a famous Japanese food restaurant in Japan, has 8 stores in Singapore. Importing all of its ingredients from Japan, it is very popular especially among the Japanese who live in Singapore. We can say that Yayoi-ken is a reliable chain restaurant because Plenus has a lot of knowhow of franchise businesses and how to manage them.

Popular menu : Mackerel cooked in misoni*6 style ($10.9) Shima-hokke*7 teisyoku ($14.9) Lunch ($9.9)  

*1 a traditional Japanese cookery using lees of sake, Japanese alcohol using rice.

*2 a kind of pufferfish in Japan

*3 a name of dish of fugu

*4 a Japanese dish of raw tuna and welsh onion and rice.

*5 a name of dish of sliced raw fish

*6 A traditional cookery using miso with fish, meat or vegetable in Japan.

*7 Atka mackerel