5 Popular Japanese Restaurants in Indonesia

Indonesia, is the largest island country in the world that enjoys a warm climate the entire year because of its location is close to the equator. It is known as a country that has budding tourism potential. Many Japanese people visit, and there are a lot of Japanophiles in Indonesia. Here you will see 5 popular Japanese restaurants there.

Bushido Japanese Restaurant

It is a Japanese bar style restaurant who name uses the Chinese characters for “Bushido” in kanji* 1. The franchise is over 25 years old, and even has a store in Paris, France. It also has a store in Indonesia at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, in Sudirman area. This area is the

center of hotels in Sudirman, and Japanese tourists stay there frequently.

Popular menus: Chasoba* 2 -Gozen* 3 (Rp.87,000)、Curry with pork cutlet (Rp.82,000)


Sakana is a Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. All the seats are private except for counter seats, so it has a relaxing atmosphere. It has 2 locations, one at MIDPLAZA in Jakarta, and the other in Karawang.

HP: No official site

Popular menu: Akashi-Yaki (Rp.20000)


Kaihomaru is a Japanese style bar that is very famous in Jakarta. It attracts people with

imported seafood from Japan. Customers can also enjoy Sashimi* 4 at lunch time. It has many stores, for example at City Walk, Aeon mall, Pondok Indah, Block M, so it has very easy access and brand awareness by the public.

Popular menu: Wa-teishoku (IDR 120,000)


Ninzaemon is a genuine Japanese cuisine restaurant located at the Century Hotel in Senayan. It is popular for not only for its variety of tastes in it’s dishes, but also its interior

decorations. It satisfies local Japanese people that prefer to eat privately.

Popular menus: lunch course with 2 dishes to choose (Rp118000), Teriyaki beef steak set

 (Rp 166000), Sashimi set (Rp154000)

Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon is a very famous Udon restaurant in Japan. It has stores even in

Indonesia, and has become very popular. Having 30 stores in Indonesia, it is very famous not only among local Japanese, but also among Indonesian people. In addition, it prepares variety of menus, including a Halal menu in order to satisfy Islamic people too. (Japan) 

Popular menus: Beef Udon* 5 (Rp53.000) Kamaage* 6 Udon (Rp34.000) Kitsune- Udon


* 1 a type of Japanese letter that has origin in China

* 2 - a type of Japanese noodle consisting of buckwheat and green tea powder.

* 3 a Japanese way to say “dish” in most respectable way

* 4 a Japanese dish consisting of sliced fresh fish.

* 5 a Japanese noodle made from flour

* 6 a style of cooking udon

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