4 Popular Japanese Restaurants in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country in South East Asia that is split into two regions by the South China Sea. Pennisular Malaysia and East Malaysia (also called Malaysia Borneo).  It has a warm climate and abounding nature, so that it is very popular among tourists from Japan and Europe. Here, you will see 4 popular Japanese restaurants there.

Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu is a high-class Japanese restaurant that has stores in 30 countries. In

Malaysia, its location is on the 56th floor of KLCC Tower 3 in Kuala Lumpur. Nobuyuki Matsushige, a famous Japanese cook, and Robert de Niro, an actor from the United States, manage the restaurants. Its first store opened in New York City in 1994. Nobu restaurants have been famous as a creative Japanese cuisine restaurant since then. It has a luxury atmosphere and variety of dishes. Having not only expensive items, it also provides reasonable priced menu items as well, so it is beloved by many people.


Popular menus: Spicy vegetable Donburi (RM35)、Tempura Soba (RM45)

Tatsu Japanese Cuisine

Tatsu is a popular Japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that many people enjoy. There you can enjoy typical Japanese cuisine, like meat Udon or seafood, as well as sushi.  


Popular menus: Tempura course RM210、Sushi (RM110)

Saryo Kyoto

It is a restaurant that has a lot of local Japanese customers, and famous for its high-quality

taste in Kuala Lumpur. People also can also enjoy alcohol here while having a relaxing time.


Popular menus: Sushi Okonomi-yaki* 1 , Nabe* 2 , Lunch (\2000) Dinner (\3000)


Yayoi-ken has stores all over Asia, including Malaysia. The store in Kuala-

Lumpur has recently opened in January 2018. We expect that the business in

Malaysia will prosper much more than now as the store is currently a success.

It attracts people by providing real Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices. Having the same

ordering system that use touchscreen as in Japan, people from Japan use it a lot as well. Yayoi-ken has advanced not only in Malaysia, but also in many other areas in Asia, like

Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan.  


Popular menus: Teriyaki-chicken Teishoku (MYR19), Nasu-miso* 3 and grilled mackerel

(MYR25), Sukiyaki* 4 -teishoku (MYR32)

* 1 a name of Japanese cuisine that is savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients.

* 2 A name of Japanese cuisine is known as one post dishes with variety of vegetables, meat

and hot soup

* 3 a name of typical Japanese dish that is eggplants fried in soy bean paste.

* 4 a name of Japanese cuisine that is a kind of Nabe, consisting of sliced beef, vegetables

and tofu with mixture made from soy sauce, sugar and sake and so on.

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