The popular products at Japanese chain convenience stores

A convenience store already have become an essential existence that supports modern Japanese society. We rarely find a Japanese person who haven’t used it in his/her entire life. We use it a lot to buy some foods for lunch or a light meal, like rice balls, Oden*1 and sandwiches. In addition, it is a place that amazes its customers with creative products. And we often see some hot selling products among them. This time, we are going to see popular products that are sold at Japanese chain convenience stores and their creativity.

1. Rice ball (Onigiri)

We always see various kinds of rice balls at convenience stores. It has a large variety of filling, for example, salmon, Japanese plum and dry bonito flakes for the basic, tuna and a mixture of mayonnaise and chicken for the young people, and also has some evolutionary ones like tsukune, fried rice, and a mixture of corn and mayonnaise.

Among these popular ones, a notable type of onigiri is the high-grade series. For example, “golden onigiri series” such as onigiri that uses koshihikari rice made in Niigata from LAWSON are very popular. Although their prices are relatively expensive compare to the other ones, they are composed with selected ingredients, seaweeds, rice and fillings.  

2. Oden

Oden is one of the most popular Japanese cuisines. It is consisting of several ingredients like boiled eggs, Daikon radish, konjac and fishcakes. Oden is a one of the most popular product that are sold at convenience stores, and it has large popularity from people because of its taste, price and nutrition.

The most popular ingredients of it are Daikon and boiled eggs. 7-11, one of the biggest convenience store chain sells it with some practical menus such as a “light meal set” and “low calorie set” written next to it are the number of calories and the amount of sugar. Oden is not only tasty but also is a healthy product so that it is getting more notable.  

Each convenience store chain make effort to create various kind of soup and ingredients. Even more, they are also particular about spices for it. Most of them prepare a lot of different types of it, like Yuzukosho*1, miso*2, not only mustard so that people hardly tire of eating it.

3. Sandwich

Sandwich is also one of the most popular products at convenience stores. Each convenience store group is devoted to develop various types of sandwich products. The fillings and breads that are used for sandwich have been invented from basic ones to limited ones, for example, fruits, prawn cutlets and Teriyaki chicken.

Among those famous menus, “fresh lettuce sandwich” is one of the most recommended. It has a great combination of fresh lettuce, cheese and ham so that it is good for not only breakfast but also lunch and a snack. Even if you are not so hungry, you can take nutrition from it because it is a light meal.

4. Salad Chicken

“Salad Chicken” is the megahit product from convenience stores. It became a hot topic among dieters, because it is a low-carb and low-calories.

Most of convenience stores have this product and they have made great success with it. “Tandoori flavored domestic chicken” from Family Mart has also made great success and it frequently sells out. It is popular for its genuine tandoori flavor that is a great match with cheese and rice so that you have various way to arrange it.

“Salad Chicken” is not the only flavor. There are a variety of flavors like plain, herb, smoked and so on. Convenience store groups stick to it due to its quality and flavors, and that it appeal to a lot of health-conscious people.

5. Deserts

Recently, convenience stores have some techniques to make desserts as good as confectioners shops. “Premium Roll Cake” from LAWSON is also a great quality product focusing on softness of crème and sponge. It is largely popular, so that it was always in short supply right after its launch. Now it has various kinds of taste, not only plain but also chocolate, matcha and so on.


At convenience stores, there are many popular high quality products. It was an long history that people did not look for quality products at convenience store products. We can expect that more megahit products will appear from convenience stores.

*1 A type of Japanese seasoning that is a paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel and salt.