The Top 5 Most Popular Sushi Restaurants in Japan

Japanese people usually eat sushi at restaurants, not in their homes. Especially, conveyor belt sushi restaurants are very popular among families and couples because they can choose many kinds of sushi with cheap prices. Most sushi chain restaurants adopt the conveyor belt sushi style. People who go to conveyor belt sushi can enjoy the same quality of sushi when eating at chain restaurants. Here you will see popular sushi chain restaurants.

1. Kurazushi

Kurazushi is a very famous sushi chain restaurant whose menu uses additive-free foods, and special type fish. For example, “fruit fish”, which are fish that are raised eating lots of fruits. It has also become a hot topic because of its unique original menus, and an amusement machine called “bikkurapon” that are set for each table.

2. Hamazushi

Hamazushi has its stores in every province in Japan. Each dish costs only 90 JPY, however, it serves good tasting sushi so people visit there daily. It is also popular among

foreigner tourists! Some of their shops are crowded with foreigner customers sometimes.

3. Sushiro

Sushiro serves Edomae style sushi with reasonable prices on a conveyor belt. It is known all over Japan, even in the countryside due to having many TV advertisements. It has abundant limited menus such as seasonal menus, and it also charges 100 JPY for each dish

,so that many people enjoy Sushiro.

4. Seajack

Seajack is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that has stores in the United States of America being run by Marinpolice. Inc. It is able to have a low price of 108 JPY for each dish buying large amounts of products in bulk. It also has seasonal menus that make people feel the four seasons. Because of these reasons, it is very popular among all genres of people, especially for families. Speaking of family, it is advertising itself as a company that supports child raising.

5. Genkizushi

Genkizushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that runs Uobei, a casual sushi

Restaurant, and Senryou, which is a high-class sushi restaurant. Both have advanced into

foreign markets in Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. People can make orders by smartphone and take out the sushi that they ordered. From these reasons, it has received high praise for its product quality and savvy management style.

It is a very popular sushi chain restaurant that satisfies people with fresh sushi and reasonable prices.


All well-known sushi chain restaurants have many stores, and use the conveyor belt style serving system. Not only Kurazushi or Sushiro, but also Genkizushi is a company that has different restaurants depending on the quality, price and atmosphere. This allows each store to have its own unique popularity.  

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