The 5 Most Popular and Traditional Foods in Kyoto.

Kyoto is an old and traditional city in Japan. Because of the oldness of its history, there are many local foods and cuisines that use local vegetables with traditional cookeries. Now that they are also have become one of the touristy resources of Kyoto. Here, we are going to see these traditional foods in Kyoto.


It is the most typical Kyoto foods enjoyed especially in winter. Kabu means Turnip in Japanese. To make it, you have to steam grated turnip, and then put some small shrimps and fish on its surface. And then use a thick starchy sauce that is made of soup stock and some spices.

People enjoy its simple but smooth taste of turnip itself. It is said that it is like snow when you taste it because it is so soft.


Kamonasu is an essential summer vegetable in Kyoto. It is produced at Kamo District, Kita-ku, Kyoto city and one of the traditional Kyoto vegetables. It is frequently cooked as Dengaku.


Hamo is also known as one of summer Kyoto foods like Kamonasu. Its taste is clear and simple that matches to Kyoto cuisines that are mild flavor. It is usually cooked as Shabu-Shabu, Sashimi and Tempura.


Hu is dried wheat gluten In Kyoto, it is normal for the people to cook Hu for sweets. They are sold not only at some restaurants or cafeterias for tourists, but also at some temples. They are so smooth and its taste is so soft. Raw wheat gluten is cooked as Dengaku or noodles that are very famous Kyoto cuisines. It is very popular as a typical Kyoto food and a souvenir.


There are so many old restaurants that are famous for eel dishes. People enjoy the highest quality eel cooked with a traditional cookery.

Most of them serve eel as a dish called kabayaki so that there are a certain number of people who always eat eels when they visit Kyoto.


 In Kyoto, there are many traditional cuisines that changes depending on seasons. And usually it is cooked with traditional Kyoto vegetables and other ingredients.

Basically, the Kyoto cuisines have simple tastes so that people can enjoy the tastes of the ingredients themselves. It attracts people with its texture, taste and even its appearance.

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