Roles and Responsibilities in a Restaurant Franchise

Restaurants require a lot of manpower to operate. There are various roles and responsibilities that must be filled to ensure that you have a well-managed restaurant. If you are planning to open a new restaurant franchise, it is important to understand what these roles are. This article will serve as your guide to help you hire the right people for each role.

The various restaurant roles can be grouped into three different categories in order to make it easier to understand each. Take some time to read about each one:

Front-of-the-House Jobs

This type of position in a restaurant refers to duties that deal with the customers. People with these jobs have the responsibility to address the needs of the customers to ensure that they have a favorable experience at your restaurant.

There are also specialized roles that vary according to the type of restaurant that you run. The main roles and responsibilities for this job category would be to facilitate and serve customer orders, as well as deal with customer requests.

Below are some examples of roles in a restaurant dedicated to the front-of-the-house positions:

  • Host or Hostess – They are responsible for accommodating guests when they arrive.
  • Waiter or Waitress – They are responsible for taking and serving customer orders.
  • Busser – This is the back waiter or waitress.
  • Bartender – They are responsible for preparing the drinks and cocktails that customers order.
  • Sommelier – For restaurants that serve wine, they are responsible for advising customers about the best wine pairings.
  • Cashier – This is for the fast-food type of restaurant. Cashiers are the ones who take customer orders.

Back-of-the-House Jobs

The roles that are allocated as back-of-the-house in a restaurant pertain to the food preparation. They are directly, or indirectly, responsible for ensuring that customers have a great meal. Below are the restaurant roles that are classified under this category:

  • Chef and Sous Chef – They are responsible for preparing the meals ordered by customers.
  • Line Cook – They are the assistant to the chef. Their role is mainly to aid in the food preparation and assembly of dishes.
  • Dishwashing Staff – They are responsible for cleaning the dinnerware and utensils used in the kitchen.

Restaurant Management

There are several managerial roles associated with a restaurant franchise. They are responsible for making sure that the operation runs smoothly. Each area of the restaurant needs to have its respective managerial role. For example, here are some of the jobs and roles that you need to fill in: Kitchen Manager, Office Manager, Marketing Manager, and General Manager.

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