4 Local Foods from Sendai

Today we are going to see 4 local foods from Sendai that is the prefectural capital called called the “Food Kingdom”


Zunda is sweet bean paste made from edamame(young soybeans), sugar and salt. This Zunda matches with mochi (rice cake) and people make them together. Some shops sell sweets that use this Zunda-mochi; some wrap it in crepes.

Gyuutan/Sendai gyuu

Gyuutan is a representative food of Sendai. There are more than 30 restaurants that specialize in Gyuutan in Sendai city. It is obvious that you must know about this food when you want to talk about foods from Sendai.

Sendai Gyuu is also an expensive food from Sendai. Gyuu means beef in Japanese. People enjoy the rich classic taste of it.

Hiyashi-chuka (Sendai style)

It is also a typical and famous dish in Japan. Hiyashi means cold, and Chuka means Chinese food in Japanese. But actually it is a dish made in Japan. People call it “Chuka” because it uses Chinese noodles in it. It is a dish consisting of cucumber, tomato, ham and pork. It looks very colorful, and also has well-balanced nutrition.


Kamaboko is a processed seafood product common in Japan, and Sasa means bamboo in Japanese. This Sasa-kamaboko is shaped like a leaf of bamboo. Some use selected fish and alcohol drinks produced in local area to make it smell better.


Sendai has many local foods that are not needed to explain because of its popularity. Like Sasa-Kamaboko, its food culture plays a role of a part of sightseeing in Sendai city because tourists buy it as souvenirs.

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